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“Girl Groups – The Story of a Sound” by Alan Betrock
Delilah Books/Putnam Publishing Group (1982)
The author is late “The father of girl-group fandom,” Alan Betrock (1950-2000) who launched “New York Rocker,” the punk/new wave magazine in 1977.

The b-side from their forthcoming “My Love Will Follow Me” 7-inch, out next month on Wild World.

Vivian Girls – He’s Gone (The Chantels’ Cover) (via MBV)


(via Currituck Co. MySpace)

PGSoR – Friend of the Devil
Paul Green School of Rock – Bucks County – Friend of the Devil – The Grateful Dead – The Well – Feasterville, PA. Oct. 30, 2006

From Bill Callahan‘s forthcoming “Rough Travel For A Rare Thing,” 
a collection of live recordings, due out 3/23 from Drag City.

Bill Callahan – Bowery (Live)   (via MBV)

“Rough Travel For A Rare Thing” Track list :: 1. Our Anniversary  2. Diamond Dancer  
3. Bowery  4. Held  5. Say Valley Maker  6. In The Pines  7. Cold-Blooded Old Times  
8. Rock Bottom Riser  9. Let Me See The Colts  10. The Well  11. Bathysphere 

via FADER TV: Bill Callahan Live at Other Music (April, 2009)

That Ghost is 19-year-old Ryan Schmale of Sonoma County, California.
‘Never Have Fun’ first appeared on “Young Fridays” LP via twosyllable Records, ‘Your Back’ shows up on flip side of the single.

That Ghost – Never Have Fun (via Transparent)
That Ghost – Your Back (via Transparent)

That Ghost “Never Have Fun”

(Transparent/7″ Limited/Nov.2009)

Ortolan is a sister act of Cottingham sisters, Stephanie (16), Brianna (17), Lara (20)  and sister-in-law Jill (22) from Riverside/New Jersey, their full length debut album “Time On A String” will be released on March 9th via Sounds Familyre Records.  Daniel Smith of Danielson Famile, recorded the album last summer, and invited the girls to join the other artists on his Sounds Familyre. 

Ortolan – Sticky Situation   (via Spinner)


Twin Sister – Nectarine
from Vampires with Dreaming Kids EP (Download Free) 

Listen! :: I Want A House (Instrumental)

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