Andrew Bird & Ian Schneller’s Sonic Arboretum

Envision a Sonic Arboretum — a symphonic field of poppies, a prairie of sound, a forest floor of hornlings — all parts of one “ecosystem.”  Musician / composer Andrew Bird and artist / sculptor / inventor Ian Schneller (Shrimp Boat, Falstaff) of Specimen Products have collaborated to develop the Sonic Arboretum, debuting at the Guggenheim Museum’s Dark Sounds summer concert series on Thursday, August 5th.

Read more about Sonic Arboretum here!  More videos here!

This video was taken the day Andrew Bird played through his new Specimen Janus Horn Speakers for the first time. The song he is playing is “Plasticities.”  This is all done live in Specimen Guitar Shop, Chicago IL. (2007)