Sean Moore (Viernes) – I’ve Begun to Fall in Love

She Don’t Know What To Do With Herself – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti

Play Myself Some Music – Jason Falkner by RSTVMO

Too Old To Fall In Love – Eric Matthews by RStevieMooreTribute

SICK OF THE RADIO has teamed up with R. Stevie Moore to release Moore’s first tribute compilation “Copy Me, Treat Me” vol. 1 (out now for free download) and “New Wave Moons” vol. 2 which is set to release for free download on Monday July 19th.  Download the album exclusively from

Entire track listing, here!  S.O.T.R. Project is still accepting submissions until August 30, 2010 with intentions to release several R. Stevie Moore tribute compilations for free download.

Echo Orbiter – I Hope That You Remember
Promo video for a cover of “I Hope That You Remember” released in 2010 via Sick Of The Radio as part of a massive tribute to R. Stevie Moore.