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Woods 9.14.10 Ecstatic Yod Florence, CA

Real Estate & Woods Japan Tour 2010 – Nov. 2nd / Nov. 3rd
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Soft Landing – Faith Center

Soft Landing – Pendleton Woolen

Taking an entrenched understanding of Jorge Ben, percolating the groove of Dirty Projectors, and ultimately appreciating all there is to learn from Italo disco and Brazilian Tropicalia, Pendleton …..

Brooklyn based trio, Soft Landing began as a recording project by Beirut’s Paul Collins (Oregon-born guitarist and singer), now comprising Collins, Perrin Cloutier (Beirut/drums) and Mike Lawless (guitar, bass, Farfisa, Moog).  They’ve teamed up with producer Griffin Rodriguez (Beirut, Need New Body, Icy Demons) in Chicago for their upcoming self-titled release, which is due out digitally and on vinyl, October 12th via BaDaBing!.

No Demons Here – Every Second Darker

No Demons Here – Fade Into You (Mazzy Star cover)

Hailing from Glen Rock, New Jersey (home of Titus Andronicus), No Demon Here is known as the solo moniker of Luka Usmiani who also plays in the Fluffy Lumbers and the Big Troubles – Glen Rock collective.  NDH’s new full length tape “In Aluminum Headache” is getting ready for Halloween season release, and “Boy Eaten By Thing In Water” (2009) is reissued now on their Bandcamp page.

READ :: Interview with Luka Usmiani @Low Log

No Demons Here played “Station (Is a Gift)” at the Low Log Loft Show on September 18th, 2010.  Video shot by Maia of You Boggle My Mind.

No Demons Here – Sayonara

J. Irvin Dally is an artist from Santa Rosa (home to Ryan Schmale of That Ghost) in Sonoma County, CA.  “Despistado” EP was released by Camaraderie Limited in Paris.  This digital release with 8 songs and a (hidden) bonus tracks for 5$ on Bandcamp. All songs were written and recorded between fall 2007- fall 2009.

<a target="_blank" href="" >despistado ep by j. irvín dally</a>

J. Irvin Dally – Blue/ Grey (new song)
Live session for, 9.12.10/Sacramento, CA
Video/ Audio: Sean Stout 

Dennis Diken has been best known as the co-founder of the NJ band The Smithereens, drummer-historian-author-songwriter-producer-DJ on WFMU.  Dennis Diken with Bell Sound is a current band of him.
A Happy 30th Anniversary of The Smithereens!

Live at WFMU on The Cherry Blossom Clinic 2/6/10

Silent Movies, the new release from guitar great Marc Ribot, finds him taking another surprising step in a career filled with unexpected turns. The album reflects Ribot’s fascination with movies and contains pieces intended to function as music for films: some are adaptations of music he has actually written for films, others for classic silent movies that he scored for his personal amusement, still others for films of his own imagination. His goal is to explore, as he says “the strange area between language and spatiality that exists partly in between music and visual image, and partly as a common property of both.” 

Marc Ribot – The Kid
Marc Ribot – Delancy Waltz

Marc Ribot‘s “Silent Movies” is due out on September 28th via Pi Recordings

Performed in complete takes, with only minimal atmospheric overdubs, Silent Movies was partly inspired by his experience preparing for a live accompaniment of the Charlie Chaplin film The Kid at Merkin Concert Hall in January 2010 as part of the New York Guitar Festival. Some tracks were composed for “El General,” Natalia Almada’s documentary film about Plutarco Elías Calles who ruled Mexico with an iron hand from 1924 to1935 and still others for the unreleased movie “Drunk Boat.” All of the compositions were written by Ribot except “Sous le Ciel de Paris,” the title song from the classic French movie by Julien Duvivier that was made a hit by Edith Piaf among many others.

My Pet Saddle – Il Fait Beau

My Pet Saddle is a five-piece band from Fullerton, California, tagged as JUMP, DIVE, SWING, SHOOT, BOUNCE, CRY, DRINK, KISS, AND LAUGH by themselves.  Their first full length “Laughing At Me” is available now at their shows (soon on iTunes), also stream the album entirely on their soundcloud page.  The band consists of Miguel Gomez (bass), Jacob Fosdick (drums), Caleb Palomo (vocals/guitar), Christopher Darley (vocals/guitar) and Alyson Kennon (keys/vocals).

06 Goodnight Lollipop by mypetsaddle

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