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Romantic States – Still Petals

Romantic States – Still Petals

Romantic States – Fiery Ring (Johnny Cash cover)

Both tracks are taken from an eleven-song album entitled “A Shell Is Born” by Jim Triplett (from from Baltimore Maryland) aka Romantic States. “A Shell Is Born,” follow-up to the last year’s self-titled album, is now available on its bandcamp.

Twin Sister – Kimmi in a Rice Field

“In Heaven” (Domino)

Co-Directors: Dan Devine & Bryan Ujueta
Editor / VFX: Dan Devine
Producer / Assistant Editor: Sydney Buchan
Art Direction: Andrea Estella & Taisa Rodriguez
Director of Photography: Kevin Hayden

“Kimmi in a Rice Field’ marks the second video off Twin Sister’s debut full-length, In Heaven, which is out now on Domino. Following up on their playful affair ‘Bad Street,’ the band collaborated again with Dan Devine, this time with drummer Bryan Ujueta taking over lead directorial duties. The video proves to be an equally powerful visual counterpart to the atmospheric track, based on a ghost story created and written by Andrea Estella (lead singer).

TWIN SISTER are offering aspiring producers the opportunity to remix “Kimmi In a Rice Field”, details, HERE.

by Sydney Buchan

media for ‘Room #103′ a site specific new work shown at the Chelsea Hotel in NY, March 2010. found footage.

詳細はSweet Dreams Pressで。

Sweet Dreams Press has announced that their upcoming release, “Enjoy Your Life” collaborative album by Jad Fair & Tenniscoats, is due out on October 15th, and now available for pre-orders through their website. Please spread this around the world!

Jad Fair & Tenniscoats – I Know That We Can by Sweet Dreams Press


Isak Nishimura… William Morris… David Byrne
Isak Nishimura’s bungalow… William Morris – News From Nowhere … Road To Nowhere – Talking Heads… 

図書館から借りた「きれいな風貌―西村伊作伝」(黒川創・著/新潮社)を読みはじめたら、ウィリアム・モリスの「ユートピアだより/News from Nowhere」(岩波文庫)のことが触れられていた。そうしたら急にトーキング・ヘッズの「Road To Nowhere」が頭に浮かんできて、”Nowhere” ってそういう意味だったのかしら …..と。そこでデヴィット・バーン+ウィリアム・モリスで探してみたら、デヴィッド・バーン・ジャーナル(自転車日記)の「02.5.11付: The House as Idea」に辿り着いてしまった。こじんまりとして住み心地の良さそうなバークレーのバンガローハウスのことから、話はウィリアム・モリスとジェイムス・ラスキンのArts and Crafts、ジョセフ・ウースターのスウェーデンボルグ・チャーチへと…..。そこでまたバンガローハウスを自分で建ててしまった西村伊作へと戻ってきました。

Houses for Comfort
The Architecture of Isaku Nishimura
京橋 INAXギャラリー 

休館日:日祝日 10:00〜18:00 

The Beets – Doing As I Do

‘Doing As I Do’ is taken from The Beets‘ third full-length “Let the Poison Out,” due out on October 24th via Hardly Art. Recorded with Gary Olsen of the Ladybug Transistor. Cover art by Matthew Volz.


And the Beets are …
a chat with The Beets in their home turf in Brooklyn.

contrarede presents
BEIRUT Japan Tour 2012

1/18 (Wed) Shibuya, QUATTRO
1/20 (Fri) Umeda, Shangri-La
guest : トクマルシューゴ

Info : contrarede 03-5773-5061 /

by Red Hot

Beirut performs “O Leaozinho” “A Sunday Smile” & “Postcards From Italy”
at the March 27th 2011 Red Hot + Rio 2 Loft party. Part of the Red Hot Loft series that started with performances by the National, Yeasayer and the Dirty Projectors for the album Dark Was The Night.

Real Estate “Days”
photograph by Dan Graham

Real Estate – Green Aisles

Another new song from Real Estate’s forthcoming second album and first for Domino “Days,” due out on October 18th via Domino. The album was recorded with the help of Kevin McMahon (Titus Andronicus, The Walkmen). Pre-order, HERE. “Days” cover art is a photograph entitled ‘Row of New Tract Houses, Bayonne NJ 19667 by Dan Graham from his “Homes For America” series (1966).

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