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“負ケラレセン勝ツマデハ・Makeraremasen Katsumadewa
岡見久吉 – 自動車内張屋・森繁久弥、その妻・望月優子、税吏・小林桂樹、金貸し元閣下・左卜全 ….. 中村是好、千葉信男、横山エンタツ、芦田伸介、藤村有弘、江戸家猫八、淡島千景

“我が家の楽園・You Can’t Take It With You
Columbia Pictures・1938
Directed by Frank Capra / Screenplay by Robert Riskin
Story by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart
Starring Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart, Edward Arnold

recording sessions day 5 – dropkick
recording new song ‘going where you’re going’ (written by alastair taylor and andrew taylor) 16th sept 2011, rehearsal room, edinburgh. (via)

Dropkick is a harmony-driven alt-country power pop band from Edinburgh, Scotland, consisting of Alastair Taylor, Andrew Taylor, Ian Grier. Their latest album “Time Cuts The Ties” is available via Sound Asleep Records.

Sad City – Jaya (via)

‘Jaya’ is taken from the forthcoming 12″ EP “Gestures” by Glasgow, Scotland’s Gary Caruth aka Sad City, due out on October 18th via Underwater Peoples.

Julian Lynch & Arthur Russell & LaMonte Young & Sonic Youth & John Coltrane & Walter Gibbons & James Chance & Ennio Morricone & Animal Collective & Inner Life & Madlib & ….

Halleluwah 10: Sad City by Halleluwah_Hits
Intro – “Dr. Benway Is Operating in an Auditorium Filled With Students” – William S. Burroughs
01 – “Where’s Deke?” – Maximum Joy
02 – “In the Light of the Miracle” – Arthur Russell
03 – “Questions (Feat. Planet Asia & Fashawn)” – Strong Arm Steady
04 – “The End of Biters – International” – Prefuse 73
05 – “Bad Smells” – Glenn Branca
06 – “Pyjamarama” – Roxy Music
07 – “Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne” – Suicide
08 – “Un Cyprès Au Coucher du Soleil, Toscane” – Luc Ferrari
09 – “Night Time Trail” – Sad City
10 – “Water Curses” – Animal Collective
11 – “Mercy” – Lucky Dragons
12 – “A Day at the Racetrack” – Julian Lynch
Outro – “October in the Railroad Earth” – Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen

“My name is Stephen Steinbrink. I am a pop music maker,
cartoon drawer and VHS librarian from Phoenix, AZ.”

“The newest album by Arizona’s French Quarter “Desert Wasn’t Welcome,” marks the fourth full-length release by 23-year-old songwriter Stephen Steinbrink. While French Quarter has been primarily a solo recording project for countless tours and a deluge of small run tapes, cd-rs, and vinyl, “Desert Wasn’t Welcome” marks the first collaborative recorded effort of Steinbrink and his long-time live band (with Preston Bryant and Chase Kamp) with Andrew Dorsett (of LAKE) on Piano and Keyboards”

Recorded on May 18th, 19th, 20th, 2011 at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, WA by Bob Schwenkler. Digital album is now available on their bandcamp, physically available on the 12″ LP format via Off Tempo Recordz around mid-October and in the cassette format via Wizards of the Ghost.


French Quarter – Neighbors in the Bedroom
performing “Neighbors in the Bedroom” at the Trunk Space, 04/17/2011.

Stephen Steinbrink – Deny Your Creator
Taken from the upcoming Stephen Steinbrink’s Yellow Canary Jumpsuit cassette via Le Horror Records.

Astro Age Steel Orchestra – Little Girl Lost-And-Found
taken from Astro Age Steel Orchestra “Happy Living” (Sony/1994), produced by Yann Tomita for Audio Science Laboratory.

“A Hurried Life” (2006) is a collection of previously unreleased demos, home recordings, and lost songs circa 1965-1970 from Ruthann Friedman‘s personal archive, available from Water records along with the re-mastered / re-issued her 1969 Warner Reprise album “Constant Companion.” “A Hurried Life” includes the original version of ‘Windy’ and ‘Little Girl Lost And Found.’

The Garden Club – Little Girl Lost And Found (A&M/1967)
“The Garden Club was a one single studio group comprised of Ruthann Friedman and Tom Shipley.  At the time of this recording Tom was on the verge of forming Brewer & Shipley, and Ruthann was just about to write ‘Windy’ for The Association. …….. We recorded a song, “Little Girl Lost and Found” written by the guy [Tandyn Almer] who wrote ‘Along Comes Mary.’  The song was released under the group name The Garden Club. ………. In 2006 ‘Little Girl Lost And Found’ was unearthed and included on a CD collection of rare Ruthann Friedman recordings, A Hurried Life.”

Peter And The Wolves – Little Girl Lost And Found
UK 7″ single (MGM/1967)

And ….
Sundazed has announced that Tandyn Almer’s compilation “Along Comes Tandyn” arrives this Fall!

Die Jungen – Every Day
Taken from the digital album ‘Just A Dream’ by Die Jungen (2011)

Die Jungen (means ‘The Youth’ in German) is a latest project by Klaus Von Barrel (of The KVB), hailing from Southhampton. Also…. “Die Jungen” is known as the name of a semianarchist group of German Social Democrats of the early 1890′s.

Bonnie Prince Billy – Quail and Dumplings
Directed by Ben Berman. Starring Kennan Gudjonsson and Nina Nastasia.
Music video for the song “Quail and Dumplings,” by Bonnie Prince Billy, from the album “Wolfroy Goes To Town,” due out on October 4th via Drag City / October 31st via Domino. Also available as part of a digital-only three-song download on sale now at Drag City
…. なんだかほんのちょっとムルナウの「タブー」?

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