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Grandma Lo-Fi – Trailer
2011. Iceland. Written and directed by Orri Jónsson, Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir & Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir with animation by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir and Magnús Helgason and music by Sigríður Níelsdóttir.


The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir
“At the tender age of 70 she started recording and releasing her own music straight from the living room. 7 years later Sigríður Níelsdóttir had 59 albums to her name with more than 600 songs – an eccentric myriad of catchy compositions mixing in her pets’ purrs and coos, found toys, kitchen percussion and casio keyboards.

‘Grandma Lo-fi’ is a cinematic tribute to an amazing musician and her boundless creativity.”

Sam Prekop

Three Sides Chicago : Squares, Squirrels and Dots
Sam Prekop, Eric Claridge, Archer Prewitt
サム・プレコップ / エリック・クラリッジ / アーチャー・プルウィット

The Sea and Cakeの来日公演にあわせ、3人展が開催されます。

東京:3月26日 ~ 4月8日
リブロ渋谷店・洋書ロゴス渋谷店 ショーウィンドー
渋谷パルコpart1 B1F

京都:4月4日 ~ 4月22日

The Sea and Cake Japan Tour 2012

April 6th: Billboard Live, Osaka
April 7th: Billboard Live, Tokyo

Eric Claridge

Archer Prewitt

And ….. The A.V. Club is now featuring an exclusive track ‘Arizona’ (below) by Sam Prekop from Tim Sutton’s debut feature “Pavilion” which will premiere at SXSW 2012.

Willis Earl Beal – Monotony (via)

A Chicago-based singer/songwriter/artist,
Willis Earl Beal will release his debut full-length “Acousmatic Sorcery,” due out on March 5th via Hot Charity/XL Recordings.

“The album’s 11 songs are taken from a series of recordings Beal made while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After living in the Chicagoland area for his entire life, Beal felt compelled to be near the desert, an idea he had long romanticized.”  –Leor Galil, CHICAGO READER

Willis Earl Beal – Evening’s Kiss
Illustrated and directed by Willis Earl Beal.
Taken from the first single from Willis Earl Beal’s forthcoming debut album “Acousmatic Sorcery”.

FOUND’s Magazine #7 contains the true-life tale of Willis Earl Beal, who’s responsible for perhaps the sweetest and oddest looking-for-love flyer ever created.

Sweet Dreams and Toad Records Presents

3月30日(金) 東京・渋谷 エコー
3月31日(土) 山形・フランク
4月01日(日) 仙台・パンゲア
4月04日(水) 浜松・ズート・ホーン・ロロ
4月05日(木) 名古屋・KDハポン
4月06日(金) 金沢・Kapo
4月07日(土) 大阪・FLOAT
4月08日(日) 東京・幡ヶ谷 Forestlimit


Sweet Dreams Press / Toad Records Presents

Sad Horse on July 4th! Live in the Pony Room, pt. 3

LISTEN :: Live in Studio: SAD HORSE (via KBOO)

2up – Brain cop

Tashaki Miyaki – If Not For You (Bob Dylan cover)

Tashaki Miyaki, a duo (Lucy – vocals, drums and Rocky – guitar) from California, has released a couple of new tracks on their bandcamp now. And their limited pressing of 500 Vinyl “sings the everly brothers” is available now though Rough Trade, HERE.

Ben von Wildenhaus – Week Sixteen: Mount Harissa

Duke Ellington’s “Mount Harissa” with SG, bass, wurlitzer 200a, and Leatherpants playing dualing drum kits ala Party Favorites live recordings. Originally released as “Week Sixteen” on the 2009 podcast Instrumental Quaalude.

Ben von Wildenhaus – Week Three: Very Early

Bill Evans’ “Very Early” with guitars, sine-waves, feedback looping the C pedal bass. Originally released as “Week Three” on the 2009 podcast Instrumental Quaalude.

“Instrumental Quaalude, vol. 1″ (2009) is now featured on Free Music Archive. “Instrumental Quaalude” was an online outlet for the compositional fragments, improvisations, and recording experiments of Ben von Wildenhaus in the three years during which WIldenhaus recorded, mixed, and released “Great Melodies From Around.”
Stream or download, HERE or HERE.

MICT presents a new compilation featuring tracks by seven female artists from Tunisia – Ines Crack, Medusa, Imen Tnani, Nawel Ben Kraiem, Badiaa, Lina and Houwaidaas – as well as Remixes by José Gonzaléz & Kirikoo Des.


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