Gym, Deer – Darlings

Gym, Deer is Robert Lee, and the band comprises of his fellow Brooklyn musicians including Angelo Spagnolo and Mallory Glaser from In One Wind, Ross Gallagher, and Anthony Lamarca (co-founder of Primary Records) from The Building, also Dean & Britta / St. Vincent. Gym, Deer’s debut 12-track digital album “Other, Ways” (Primary Records, 2011) is available, HERE.

I told Rob it reminded me of Arthur Russell, to which he responded, “I don’t know who that is. This is me trying to be Nick Drake and Bobby McFerrin.” — Anthony LaMarca

Claude Rosen – 3

In One Wind – Go Follow John

The Building – Twenty Years

All tracks above are taken from “Primary Records Sampler Vol. I” (2011), available free on their bandcamp or HERE.

Claude Rosen:
What’s this? Jazz? Some strange French soundtrack? Is that a Casio MT-100? Where’s the solo? His own compositions began in a traditional jazz context but now are evolving into a more simple form: leaving out the improvisation and focusing on sonics and melody. He has shared with me some even newer recordings in which we hear some singing from Mr. Rosen. What I love best about his music is that it floats between two well known genres yet defies them both.

(thanks to thiswholeworld)