First look teaser for LAST KIND WORDS. 
Premiering March 24 at the ATLANTA FILM FESTIVAL.

“When Eli returns to the farm of his parents’ youth,
he discovers that within its forests a different line is drawn
between the living and the dead …..”

Brad Dourif and Kevin Barker (via)

Last Kind Words” is a new feature film written and directed by Kevin Barker, produced by Duane Andersen. Starring: Brad Dourif, Sarah Steele, Alexia Fast, Spencer Daniels, Marianne Hagan, Clay Wilcox.
The music in the film includes Geeshie Wiley’s ‘Last Kind Words‘, P.G. Six, Espers (‘Dead Queen’), Sibylle Baier (‘Girl’), Feathers (‘Tiny Lights’), and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (aka Lichens) composed a number of new pieces especially for the film.

Some of the songs used in the film Last Kind Words.