Brave Radar – A Spike

The Haiduks – A Tide Through the Flames

From the underground Montreal scene, Hobo Cult & Kinnta Records has co-released a psych pop compilation tape “The Lemon Tape” which was curated by the label founder Christian Richer at Kinnta Studio during the fall of 2011 in Verdun, QC, Canada. Download/Stream the album in its entirety on their bandcamp and Order cassette, HERE.

“This cassette features 32 minutes of pure acid splash bubblegum sunshine from the underground Montreal scene. You have everything from Floyd inspired drug trips to surf pop rainbows… from the eternal deserts of your third eye to the tropical lounges of your soul. A vintage journey through a crate digger’s imaginary collection.” — Kinnta Records

The Yesteryears – Never my Love

Einar Leiknes – Hvordan

Montréal, Québec resident Christian Richer, the man behind Élément Kuuda, The Haiduks, Cavernes, U Made Ship, Spacekom and many more, is an ambient sound artist. He has released his recordings from various labels including Hobo Cult, Digitalis, Sacred Phrases, Sul Pont and Magnanimous.