Olden Yolk, the solo project of Shane Butler (Quilt)

Olden Yolk – Violet Vagaries

This is the debut video of Olden Yolk, the solo project of Boston’s folk psychedelic trio Quilt singer/guitarist Shane Butler (formerly of The Good Party)

“I have been writing and recording music on my own for as long as I have been playing tunes. I have always made releases under different names and played shows under various monikers: Olden Yolk is the most recent incarnation. Recording/playing solo is definitely a fun outlet cause it allows a totally different process of creation to take place. What I have been doing with Olden Yolk lately is starting songs with folk/acoustic/drone structures and looping and layering until it becomes super atmospheric drone-based folk.” (via Dog Gone Blog)

Quilt – Young Gold

The Song ‘Young Gold’ is taken from the Quilt self-titled debut album on Mexican Summer (released: Nov 8, 2011), the trio comprises of John Andrews (Wisdom Tooth): Vocals, Drums, Anna Rochinski: Vocals, Guitar, Organ and Shane Butler (Olden Yolk): Vocals, Guitar.