Mike Andrews “Spilling A Rainbow”

“For Mike, finding out that he was going to become a father was a moment when he realized that the world he was familiar with was all about to change. He went to work at his home studio outside of Los Angeles writing and recording songs that documented his life’s journey through this transformation.” –Everloving Records

Michael Andrews – Spilling A Rainbow by KPCC

Originally from San Diego, Michael Andrews (aka Elgin Park of The Greyboy Allstars) is a L.A.-based multi-faceted musician/producer/film composer who has scored music for cult classics “Donnie Darko”, “Me and You and Everyone We Know” and the TV series “Freaks and Geeks,” as well as Hollywood films like Jake Kasdan’s “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” and Duplass Bros.’ “Cyrus” and more, also he has collaborated with artists like Inara George and Van Dyke Parks, Brendan Benson, Gary Jules, and many others. His second solo effort “Spilling A Rainbow,” recorded at his home studio outside of Los Angeles with his fellow engineers Dan Long and Steve Kaye, is due out on August 14th via Everloving. The album includes a cover of Roy Harper’s “Forever.”

WATCH :: Michael Andrews Animated Music Video, “Bubbles In Space” under the professional production of, Joshua Hassin.

ところで、始まりにはブライアン〜ペット・サウンズのコラボレーターとしての功績があれど、ヴァン・ダイク・パークスへの敬愛の連鎖を辿ってみると、ジョアンナ・ニューサムの2ndにヴァン・ダイク・パークスを招いたジム・オルークがいて、それからジョアンナのツアーで単身オープニング・アクトを務めたロビン・ペックノルド(フリート・フォクシーズ)、ベラ・ユニオンからのヴァン・ダイクの名作3タイトル再発を祝うロンドンでのショーにペックノルドと共に参加するグリズリー・ベアのダニエル・ロッセン。これとはきっと別経路で、ヴァン・ダイクのコラボレーター、イナラ・ジョージ(ザ・バード&ザ・ビー)のダンナさんが映画監督のジェイク・カスダン(ローレンス・カスダンの息子)で、マイケル・アンドリュースが映画音楽を手がけていくきっかけになったのがジェイクの初監督作品『Zero Effect』、そしてマイケルがイナラにヴァン・ダイクを紹介され、彼女のヴァン・ダイクとのコラボ作『An Invitation』(2008) をプロデュースしたという….。 
(Mike, Don Heffington, Van Dyke – Photo by Laura Heffington.)