Old Smile – Statues

Old Smile is a solo project by Tom Herman Jr. formerly known as a co-leader of Philly psych-rock outfit Arches. And he has recently released Old Smile’s first full-length album “Hearing Static” which was recorded by himself using one mic and his laptop with a 40 minutes long family jams tape recorded by his family. “Hearing Static” (released July 5th, 2012) is available now on Old Smile’s bandcamp.

Old Smile – Hearing Static

“The saxophone on Quiet Nights, Passing By, and Hearing Static was played by my grandfather.  He wasn’t there to record it (he’s deceased) but I found a tape of him playing with my father on drums and someone on guitar.  When my parents were younger, they used to get together with friends and family and have these jazz jams, drink and hang out.  The tape was 40 minutes long and very quiet so it took me a while to get the saxophone to stand out and match everything.  On the song “Hearing Static,” the cymbals in the beginning of the song are from my dad playing drums, and the chatter is from my parents’ and grandparents’ friends when they were all younger.”  –Tom Herman Jr.

Old Smile – Quiet Nights
Footage from various Maya Deren films, “Emak – Bakia” by Man Ray, as well as footage from Alexander Petrov set to the song “Quiet Nights.”