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The Newtown Sessions: Mac DeMarco
Filmed and recorded at Swan7 Studios

Curated for Newtown Radio by Colin Ilgen

Music by: Mac DeMarco (‘Ode to Viceroy’, ‘Freaking Out the Neighborhood’, ‘Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans’, ‘I’m a Man’)

Track List:
01. I’m a Man
02. Me and Jon Hanging on
03. The Stars Keep on Calling My Name
04. Ode to Viceroy
05. Cooking up Something Good
06. Freaking Out the Neighborhood
07. My Kind of Woman
08. Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans
09. She’s Really All I Need
10. Together

Mac DeMarco’s first full-length “Mac DeMarco 2″ is available on Captured Tracks.

“I think I might do a record in the spring with Chris Cohen—Captured Tracks just signed him—and Matt Mondanile, who’s in Real Estate. He does the Ducktails stuff.”  –Mac DeMarco
(via) (via Yuya Shimizu

Chris Weisman – Maya Properties Part 1
mp3 download / donate at OSR Tapes, HERE.
Brattleboro 2012
digitized by Danny Bissette
further computer by Zach Phillips (Blanche Blanche Blanche)

OSR Tapes has dropped a Chris Weisman’s 4 hour, 88-song YouTube album “Maya Properties” in 11 parts.

“its ideal form is a piano painted by Kyle Thomas (King Tuff) where each key plays a song instead of a note. American composers in paradise write more music”

Chris Weisman – Holy Fool
from “Maya Properties,” Kyle Thomas — lead guitar.

Better Psychics – With My Attitude
from Chris Weisman’s recent collaboration project with Zach Phillips, Better Psychics‘ S/T cassette on OSR Tapes.

Chris Weisman’s “Nonmusical Patterns and their Musical Uses (for Guitar in Standard Tuning)” (2011) book contains one hundred geometric patterns overlaid to the fretboard of a guitar in standard tuning with a hand-made, perfect-bound softback with letterpressed cover.
Available directly from the Radical Readout Press.
READ :: Work & Worry blog’s interview with Chris Weisman on the subject of his book, 2011.

“Nature and Life” from Tsukuhae #1 (1914)
Shizuo Fujimori (1891-1943)
藤森静雄 「自然と人生」(月映 I / 大正3年)
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

A Pittsburgh-based experimental synth-pop project, The Garment District is music by Jennifer Baron (a founding member of Brooklyn’s The Ladybug Transistor). Her debut tape “Melody Elder,” featuring Television Personalities/Swell Maps legend Jowe Head on bass, has been available on Night-People. And her new 7″ featuring remix by SONIC BOOM is now available on La Station Radar.

“Pictures of Sound: One Thousand Years of Educed Audio: 980-1980″ is a book/CD set produced by Patrick Feaster, now available on Dust-to-Digital.
CD packaged in a 144-page hardback book; Book dimensions are 10 x 8 inches; 164 images reproduced in full color.

Magia Phonotactica (1650) by dusttodigital

Patrick Feaster is a researcher and educator specializing in the history and culture of early sound media.  A two-time Grammy nominee and co-founder of the First Sounds Initiative, he has been actively involved in locating, making audible, and contextualizing many of the world’s oldest sound recordings.

Patrick Feaster discusses “Pictures of Sound”
This video is derived from a slideshow that was presented by Patrick Feaster at the 2011 ARSC Conference.

‘Well Traveled Is Protest,’ taken from the split 7″ with New Jersey natives Big Troubles on Charlottesville-based label Speakertree, is the first recorded song by Kurt Heasley‘s Lilys in over six years.
Available soon on November 13th. Pre-order, HERE.

“Today, the intellectual and musical chameleon Heasley is joined by classic beat maker Aaron Sperske, perpetual romantic and social protagonist Torben Pastore and the authentically laid back Dan Horne, who completes the group. They are currently in the studio working on a new record.”

Lilys – Well Traveled Is Protest by speakertree records

Lilys – Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
Trailer for the as-yet-uncompleted/unreleased Lilys documentary.

READ :: In the Presence of Kurt Heasley:
An Interview on WFMU’s Beware Blog (2011)
(photo by Noah Greenberg)

Michael Suter

Lilys – Can’t Make Your Life Better
Spaceland Los Angeles 2008
Lilys featuring Kurt Heasley, Aaron Sperske, Ariel Pink, Dan Horne, Jimi Hey and Kenny Keys delight the good people of Spaceland in 2008.

A brand new album of Jim Ruiz Set, formerly known as the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, “Mount Curve Avenue” is now available via Korda Records and Allen Clapp‘s Mystery Lawn Music. “Mount Curve Avenue” is the first release in 14 years by the legendary Jim Ruiz.

The Set:
Jim Ruiz – guitar, vocals, bass on 11
Emily Ruiz – drums, vocals on 4
Charlotte Crabtree – bass, vocals

Produced by Allen Clapp

Peter Anderson, Allen Clapp, Mike Crabtree, Max Eider, David Hamilton, Clint Hoover, Allison LaBonne, Jim Ouska, Peter Robelia, David Salmela, David Schelzel, Brian Tighe

Mixed by Allen Clapp at Mystery Lawn Studio, Sunnyvale, CA
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland, CA

The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group – The Ruling Class
(The Monochrome Set cover) (via)

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