LE TON MITÉ “Kumokokudo”

LE TON MITÉ “Kumokokudo” (Sweet Dreams Press, 2012)


McCloud ZICMUSE has been active in the musical world since the late 1980′s. He is known internationally as an improvisor and composer of eccentric, pop influenced music. He has shared the stage with bands from all corners of the earth and all walks of life, spending the most part of his time with his project, LE TON MITÉ. The links between his work as a musician and that of an artist can been clearly seen through the graphic presentation of his musics and be clearly heard through the simplicity of his lyrics.

LE TON MITÉ – Autel Rustique by Sweet Dreams Press
“Kumokokudo” is NOW available via Sweet Dreams Press.


Tenniscoats + Mccloud Zicmuse + Umeda tetsuya performing together In the forest (Gothenburg, Sweden 17 june 2012)