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from mr brkly

Beauty is Embarrassing (trailer)
a film by Neil Berkelely
Beauty Is Embarrassing DVD is out now.

Wayne White is an American artist, art director, illustrator, puppeteer, and much, much more. Born and raised in Chattanooga, Wayne has used his memories of the South to create inspired works for film, television, and the fine art world. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, Wayne traveled to New York City where he worked as an illustrator for the East Village Eye, New York Times, Raw Magazine, and the Village Voice. In 1986, Wayne became a designer for the hit television show Pee-wee’s Playhouse, and his work was awarded with three Emmys. After traveling to Los Angeles with his wife, Mimi Pond, Wayne continued to work in television and designed sets and characters for shows such as Shining Time Station, Beakman’s World, Riders In The Sky, and Bill & Willis. He also worked in the music video industry, winning Billboard and MTV Music Video Awards as an art director for seminal music videos including The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Tonight, Tonight’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘Big Time.’

from mr brkly

A Little Banjo

Lambchop “Nixon” (2000),
a Painting for Wayne’s school friend, Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner.

from Epitonic

Father John Misty: Epitonic saki Session
October 29th, 2012

The Band:
Joshua Tillman (aka Father John Misty, formerly of Saxon Shore and Fleet Foxes) – Vocals
Benji Lysaght (formerly of Ambulance LTD) – Guitar
Chris “Dixie” Darley – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff “Jeffertitti” Ramuno (aka Jeffertitti Moon of Jeffertitti’s Nile) – Bass, Vocals
Kyle Flynn – Keys, Vocals
Aaron Sperske (Beachwood Sparks, formerly of The Lilys, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti..) – Drums

from Sculpture

Sculpture – Slime Code (extract 2)
“Slime Code” vinyl edition is out now via Boomkat (UK) / Digitalis (USA).
Originally released on cassette KC001 by Kaleidoscope.

Dan Hayhurst: digital and analogue media devices 
Reuben Sutherland: video zoetrope turntablism

A Hawk and A Hacksaw – You Have Already Gone To The Other World by Qu_Junktions
taken from the new A Hawk and A Hacksaw double album “You Have Already Gone To The
Other World: Music Inspired By Paradjanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors,” the album will be released from A Hawk And A Hacksaw’s L.M. Dupli-cation imprint on April 2nd (Europe) / April 3rd (US).

火の馬/セルゲイ・パラジャーノフ (1964)

Son Of Rogues Gallery – Asshole Rules The Navy,
from “Son of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys” (A Hal Willner Production / Executive produced by Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski), featuring Iggy Pop with A Hawk and a Hacksaw. Also it features Tom Waits, Keith Richards, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Michael Gira (Swans), Broken Social Scene, and many more. Out on February 19th via Anti-.

Surahn – Watching The World,
taken from the debut 5-song digital EP. (DFA Records)


from The General Assembly

Fruit Bats – You’re Too Weird,
taken from the 2011 album “Tripper,” available through Sub Pop Records.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble (Official Audio)

‘So Good At Being In Trouble’ is taken from UMO’s upcoming full-length “II”, due out on February 5th via Jagjaguwar.
Streaming in full on NPR, HERE.

“Emerging from rampant hedonism and isolation is II, the new album from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The musical vision of Portlander-via-New Zealand Ruban Nielson started as an anonymous home-recording project that fused psychedelia, soul, choppy percussion and funk. UMO came to life in basements and bedrooms after Nielson moved from his native New Zealand to Portland, Oregon with his family. Following the recruitment of bassist Jacob Portrait, new drummer Greg Rogove and a deal with Jagjaguwar, UMO toured the US with Grizzly Bear and Liars.” –Jagjaguwar

Calvin Love started a punk band in the northern Canadian city of Edmonton at the age of thirteen. After the early years, he left town and has been on the road for the last five years touring dive bars and clubs throughout the US, playing in various bands in and out of Los Angeles. “New Radar” is his debut release via Aquarium Drunkard’s label, Autumn Tone Records.

released 06 November 2012

“Calvin’s interests lie in photography, aesthetics, the paranormal, technological adaptations, pirates, zombie apocalypse, Jarmusch, strange states, dancing girls, sleepless nights, D.I.Y., Iggy, Bowie, tombs, hitchhiking, black & white, and the space-time continuum…” –Autumn Tone Records

Calvin Love – Magic Hearts

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