Spare Machine “Hit or Miss: A Collection of Wayward Recordings”

Moholy-Nagy László

Spare Machine – 10,000 Feet, 500 Balloons (from “Hit or Miss”)

Spare Machine – The Ballad of Barry O (from “Hit or Miss”)

Spare Machine, crafting fine songs since 2007, is a solo project of Mark Janka (Chicago’s Lesser Birds of Paradise). And Now, “Hit or Miss: A Collection of Wayward Recordings” is A FREE downloadable album of his demos and outtakes, available at the Spare Machine bandcamp page, HERE.

Spare Machine – Breakdown Routines (from “Hit or Miss”)

“This collection of songs is largely made up of demos that were recorded, for the most part, quickly and poorly by Mark Janka (Spare Machine, the Lesser Birds of Paradise). These recordings feature much audible noise floor, questionable writing, and awkward delivery. There are some some rather nice moments as well. The two outtake tracks from Lesser Birds of Paradise’s A Suitable Frame sessions were properly recorded.”

Released 27 April 2013 / Mark Janka: songs, demo recording, performances