Andrew Cedermark “Home Life”

“Yeah, ‘On Me,’ which includes the interpolation of the melody and theme of the Bill Withers song, was originally a demo of what became “Men in Jail.” But when I was toying with names, I ended up singing “Lean On Me” on that first song. And that was the one song I recorded at home on GarageBand. “Come Back” was also done at our apartment.” (via BOMBLOG)

Following the 2010′s “Moon Deluxe,” Andrew Cedermark (the former Titus Andronicus guitarist) release his new full-length “Home Life”. Out on July 16th via Underwater Peoples, Pre-order, HERE.

The majority of Home Life was recorded by Kevin McMahon at Marcata in New Paltz, New York, with two separate bands: on half the songs Kevin Haney played drums and Jacob Wolf played bass guitar; on the other half Alex Tretiak played drums and Sarim Al-Rawi (of Liquor Store) played bass guitar. Jacob played all the keys and contributed many melodies, and Andrew wrote the songs and plays all other parts. “On Me” and “Come Back” were recorded at homes in Charlottesville, VA and New York City.