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Sweet Dreams presents
Pop Brothers from Glasgow World Premiere Tour in Japan


10月18日(金)東京・渋谷 オ・ネスト
10月19日(土)東京・下北沢 富士見丘教会
10月20日(日)東京・渋谷 7th FLOOR
10月22日(火)松本 ALECX
10月23日(水)名古屋 Live & Lounge Vio
10月24日(木)大阪 コンパス
10月25日(金)京都 アバンギルド
10月26日(土)浜松 ZOOT HORN ROLLO



Douglas T Stewart – Call Me (Chris Montez cover)


Duglas T Stewart, Norman Blake and National Jazz Trio of Scotland  – Flim Flam Flum (Ivor Cutler)

julsy /ʒylsi/ n : 1 bedroom artist, indie folk singer/songwriter, acoustic electronic music producer. 2 eternal child trying to reconcile her laziness with her never-ending need for creativity.

Hailing from London Thidius are;
George Risk, Izzy risk, James wilson, Freddie Nice, Pharaoh Smeaton-Russel

Stream the latest track of Ed Askew, taken from his new full-length album “For the World” (Tin Angel Records).  The album was recorded in the summer of 2011, with Jay Pluck, Tyler Evans (of his tour mates The Black Swans), Canaan Faulkner (bass) and Eve Searls (backing vocals), along with Mary Lattimore (Meg Baird, Thurston Moore) on harp. Later on, electric guitar was added by fellow outsider Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello) and backing vocals on 3 songs by Sharon Van Etten. Produced by Jerry David DeCicca (The Black Swans). Order, HERE.

photo: David Garland

Ed Askew is a painter and singer-songwriter who lives in New York City. Born in Stamford, Connecticut, he moved to New Haven to study painting at Yale Art School in 1963
After graduating from art school in 1966, Askew was called up for the draft. When he moved to New York for a few months in 1967 where he met Bernard Stolman of ESP Disk’ (Pearls Before Swine, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler), who offered him a contract. That year Ed’s first album was released, Ask the Unicorn (on Parlophone in the UK) and it quickly disappeared into folk-psych obscurity.
He then recorded his second album for ESP, Little Eyes, but it sat in the vaults for  almost 40 years until it saw a limited release in 2007.  Around 1987, Ed moved to New York City, where he continues to write and record songs, and now regularly performs.  In the summer of 2011, Ed Askew embarked on his first US tour at the age of 71.– Tin Angel Records

Ed Askew Q & A

Pianist Thomas Bartlett and string player Sam Amidon, both accomplished songwriters and members of the band Doveman, provide the accompaniment for Askew’s in-studio performances, and David Garland plays 12-string guitar on one song. This show first aired June 1, 2008 (after the broadcast Ed wrote to correct his statement of age; he was 67, not 57, when this session was recorded). David Garland, Spinning on Air (WNYC)

Recorded live at The Living Room in New York City, September 10, 2011, with Radio Free All Stars David Mansfield, violin; Jeremy Chatzky, bass; Paul Moschella, drums; Mark Spencer, piano; Dave Schramm, telecaster; and with Tyler Evans on the tipple. (via Radio Free Song Club)

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