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Watch! this documentary investigating Nigerian Funk master William Onyeabor, an electronic Curtis Mayfield with Talking Heads, which was directed by Jake Sumner (Alldayeveryday).

William Onyeabor @ LUAKA BOP

‘Fantastic Man’ (Full Length) – A Film About William Onyeabor

photography: Benoit Courti

ミノル・タナカ(Minoru Tanaka) – 涙くん オリジナル(Namida Kun Original)

Sweet Dreams Pressが、満を持して世に出します!こちらも>>どーぞ。
Genius Minoru Tanaka! He might be a hidden treasure hailing from Tottori.
Stream his latest track taken from the album “A Place Where The Teardrop is” released on 28th February 2014 from Sweet Dreams Press, Tokyo and Minoon Soft, Tottori.

Easy Sound Recording Company, a brand new label from Los Angeles, is a new home for Vetiver, Howlin’ Rain, Isobel Campbell, Papercuts, the Donkeys, Rodrigo Amarante (of Little Joy), and EDJ, the new project of former Fruit Bats leader Eric D. Johnson.

スゴイ!スゴイ! ヴェティヴァーに、ペーパーカッツのジェイソン・クエイヴァー、フルーツバッツのエリック・ジョンソンの新プロジェクトEDJ、ドンキーズ、リトル・ジョイのロドリゴ・アマランテ、ハウリン・レインも集結の新レーベル誕生。まず各々未発表トラックを収めた3枚のスプリット7″をレコードストア・デイに、ペーパーカッツ、ロドリゴ・アマランテのアルバムを5月に、ザ・ドンキーズが6月に…と続く模様デス。このレーベルを立ち上げたStephen Browerは、かつてヴァンガードやシュガーヒルのA&R、フィルム・ブログ “Pocket Cinephile”の発行人だったり、だそう。

Introducing the Easy Sound Recording Company

‘Maná,’ which soundtracks this video, is taken from the first solo album “Cavalo” by Rodrigo Amarante (Little Joy), out May 6th via Easy Sound Recording Co., in France on Feb 10th via Rough Trade Records.

La Blogothèque

Rodrigo Amarante I A Take Away Show


“Girl Talk” is a popular song composed by Neal Hefti, with lyrics written by Bobby Troup. It was written for the 1965 film “Harlow,” a biographical film about Jean Harlow, starring Carroll Baker.

The Color-Sonics film jukebox debuted in mid-1966, with films made by Official Films at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The Color-Sonics film jukebox used 8mm magnetic-sound film cartridges. Color-Sonics also made 16mm prints of at least some of its films so that they could be shown on a Scopitone jukebox. The 16mm prints have often faded miserably over the years.

Color-Sonics CS-2000
Bobby Troup “Girl Talk”
Directed by Robert Altman

A recent collaboration of Lonnie Holley, Ramin Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian and Rokni Haerizadeh at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva Island, Florida. 2014

“Into The Wild” EP by yumbo, originally released as a bonus CD-R for “That’s Reality” album.

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