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Après-Midi is a new radio show on KXRY 91.1 Portland hosted by Spencer D (Cloaks) & Molly Curtin (PATTERN & SHAPE / Poemsounds). The show airs 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 4-6pm (PST). Stream at xray.fm.

Deerhoof / Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog
Limited edition split 7” (1,000 copies)
Available ONLY at Record Store Day on April 19th

“A split 7″ deserves a split write-up. So, Northern Spy asked Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier and Ceramic Dog’s Marc Ribot to write something about this record. Turns out there’s some mutual respect here. I guess it’d be weird if there wasn’t.”

John Solt on Kitasono Katue (北園克衛: 1902-1978)

Professor and poet John Solt talks about Kitasono Katue’s life and work in conjunction with the exhibition Kitasono Katue: Surrealist Poet (December, 2013) at LACMA.

from Florian Klaeger

official trailer “not just phones” (wt)
Support their project in progress, HERE.

neopan kollektiv, a film team comprising of Tobias Adam, Florian Kläger
and Markus Milcke, 3 young filmmakers from Stuttgart, Germany, is working on their new documentary film project “not just phones” about Christopher Kirkley and his work as Sahel Sounds

Sahelsounds is a project begun in 2009 exploring the cultural and musical phenomena of the Sahel region of West Africa. Through field recording, interviews, video, youtube archeology, cellphone data collection, sahelsounds uses archiving to transmit a story.”

Mikey Hodges a.k.a. Pop Zeus, recently relocated to Portland from New York to live the Gnar life for real. He is also known some time as the drummer of The Memories and as bassist for the unstoppable Gnar bad boy brown band BOOM! (alongside Izak of The Memories and Chris of Guantanamo Baywatch). “Tell Me So” EP is his latest release on limited edition cassette via Gnar Tapes, available NOW.

taken from the latest single “Mayan Yours” by Mikel Rouse
releases 08 April 2014

All singing and instruments, programming and such: Mikel
Rouse, except for the Rudy’s Chorus on ‘I Dry Gin’ : Katie O’Donnell,
Diana Zeiger, Evan Search, and Nathan Overby.

Brian Woodbury is a Los Angeles composer, lyricist and bandleader. He writes stage musicals, post-modern concert music, quirky pop, country songs, and music for children’s TV.”

Brian Woodbury Music on Souncloud

taken from the overture from the musical “The Hammerdancer” (1983) (book, music & lyrics Brian Woodbury).

c. Brian Woodbury and His Popular Music Group
“Brian Woodbury And His Popular Music Group”
Fang Records, 1992

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