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Both tracks are taken from 5-track Joule EP by Ruth Garbus (Happy Birthday, Feathers).

Old Smokey is Jim Willingham – banjo, guitar, vocals; Jason Trahan – lap steel; Jacob Morris – cello; John Fernandes – violin, clarinet, bass clarinet; Rob Lomax – percussion, vocals, the band comprises of veterans of the Athens music scene, members have played with bands such as The Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System, Vic Chesnutt, Ham1, Moths, Madeline, The Good Ship, and The New Sound of Numbers. name just a few of their past and current projects.  Their debut full length “Wester Easter” LP is available on Cloud Recordings.

Old Smokey – Dead Man’s Pose

American Laundromat Records has released “I Saved Latin! A Tribute To Wes Anderson,” the 23-song, double-CD features Matt Pond, Telekinesis, Juliana Hatfield, Kristin Hersh, William Fitzsimmons, Generationals, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Freelance Whales, and others covering songs from Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Darjeeling Limited, and more.

1. Margaret Yang’s Theme – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
2. A Quick One While He’s Away – Saint Motel
3. These Days – Matt Pond (feat. Laura Stevenson & Chris Hansen)
4. Let Her Dance – Freelance Whales
5. I Am Waiting – Tomo Nakayama (feat. Jesse Sykes)
6. The Wind – William Fitzsimmons
7. Needle In The Hay – Juliana Hatfield
8. Making Time – Generationals
9. The Way I Feel Inside – PHOX
10. This Time Tomorrow – Telekinesis
11. Strangers – Escondido

1. Alone Again Or – Sara Lov
2. Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin’ Bout That Girl – Solvents
3. Here Comes My Baby – Tea Cozies
4. Fly – Kristin Hersh
5. Ziggy Stardust – Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
6. Play with Fire – Elk City
7. Stephanie Says – Tele Novella
8. Oh Yoko – The Ghost In You
9. Fairest Of The Seasons – Trespassers William
10. 30 Century Man – Tomten
11. Street Fighting Man – Mike Watt & The Secondmen
12. Five Years – Santah

Taken from the latest album “Farmer’s Corner” by Wooden Wand a.k.a. James Jackson Toth, due out on May 5th (Europe)/May 6 (US) via Fire Records.  “Farmer’s Corner” is the first self-produced Wooden Wand album, recorded over six sessions in four studios spanning three states, with Darin Gray (On Fillmore, Jim O’Rourke, Grand Ulena, Dazzling Killmen), and guitarists William Tyler (Lambchop, Silver Jews, Yo La Tengo) and Doc Feldman.

‘La Selva Subterranea’ is taken from the new single by Heather Trost (A Hawk and a Hacksaw) via Even More Important, a new sub-label of Ba Da Bing Records. Released May 5th on Even More Important Records’ 11 limited 7″s.

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