June 2015

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Native SF: The She’s – Cherry Red 

released 15 April 2014
Recorded at Different Fur Studios
Produced by Patrick Brown  Engineered by Sean Paulson

そういえば、クリストファー・オーウェンスのソロ・アルバム『Chrissybaby Forever』にもコーラスで参加してました

Stream the opening track from the upcoming new full-length album “DUSKLAND” by Zachary Cale which will be out on August 7th via No Quarter. Pre-order, HERE.

this cover track (of Brian Eno’s ‘Golden Hours’ from the album “Another Green World”) was premiered on Aquarium Drunkard’s Lagniappe Sessions.

Kelley Stoltz – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 5/25/2011 – Wolfgang’s Vault (San Francisco, CA)

artwork by: Will Gaynor

“Tiny Flowers” is the first full-length album by Calls (comprising of Kati Knox and Rebecca VanDeVoort from Oakland, California). It was recorded by James Finch (Jackpot, Sonny Smith, Kelley Stoltz, The Sandwitches) at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, Ca. February 2014, and features their fellow musicians, Ed Masuga (Will Sprott), Brian Parks, and Heather Jovie for playing on the record. Available on their bandcamp site, HERE.

(The Seeds cover)

released 09 November 2014

released 06 March 2010

Alen MacWeeney, 1967

どちらもSweet Dreams Pressと縁あるアーティスト。

川手直人 「デモデモデ ーデモデとモデのパラレル・ワールド」より
Taken from the album “DEMODEMODE démodé and mode in parallel” , available NOW via Sweet Dreams Press, Tokyo, HERE!

Taken from Andy C. Jenkins‘ “Hazel Woods” Single, available on Paper Brigade, HERE!

Exchange editing project between Andy C. Jenkins and Kawate naoto. This project started in 2013. To be continued.


Listen! the first track from the first solo full-length by Michael O. (of The Mantles). Available on Fruits and Flowers, HERE.

“MICHAEL O. (Olivares) of beloved Bay Area psych-pop band THE MANTLES (Slumberland, Siltbreeze etc) has been secretly building songs in his basement in Oakland with the help of HORRID RED’s Edmund Xavier for the past few years. The result is this affecting collection of cracked pop hits & tragic ballads. The Mantles are known to lay down a thick electric jangle, but with Michael’s solo songs the focus rests on rough-hewn vocal melodies & lyrics, laced with synths, acoustics, noises & clarinet. Michael tumbles headfirst into MODERN LOVERS, JACOBITES, TRONICS, TALL DWARFS territory…home recorded & highly personal but not lo-fi, please. “

西海岸版ウッズか?な! オークランドのザ・マントルズのマイケル・オリヴァレスの初ソロ。Dick Diverもリリースしてる自身のレーベル、Fruits and Flowersから。

“FRUITS & FLOWERS digs into the home recording vaults of three cracked pop songwriters for a split cassette. Fans of 80’s UK D.I.Y. and/or 90’s Shrimper will appreciate these tracks by MICHAEL O. (of THE MANTLES), PIANO MOVERS (ex-NODZZZ) and THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES (Glenn Donaldson of ART MUSEUMS/SKYGREEN LEOPARDS). “