August 2015

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From Portland, OR, The Domestics are: Michael Finn, Leo London, Kyle Moderhak, Matt Moore, and Brad Norton. Their self-titled debut full-length album is available via Tender Loving Empire, HERE.

ポートランドの注目すべきニューアクトという、マイケル・フィンとレオ・ロンドンの二人を中心に結成されたザ・ドメスティックスのファースト。マイケル・フィンはタッカー・マーティンのアシスタント・エンジニアとしてMy Morning Jacket、The Decemberists、Modest Mouse、Neko Case、Sufjan Stevensなど多くの作品に関わってきた人です。エリオット・スミスのトリビュート・ショーにも参加していたレオ・ロンドンはソロ・アクトとしても活動中。

The Domestics – Tower Blocks
[Official Music Video]
Animated by Leo London of The Domestics
From the album ‘The Domestics” (2015)  

“Austin legends Tim Kerr (Big Boys)and Jerry Hagins’ new project of old time music is called Up Around the Sun. (2013)”

Big Boys Documentary Trailer

Love Tractor covered Kraftwerk’s ‘Neon Lights’ on their1984 EP ’til the Cows Come Home (DB).

Love Tractor-Neon Lights-1-9-90 on KCRW (via)

….. then….. The Ocean Party vs Love Tractor

EZTV – Dust in the Sky (Official Music Video)
Director / DoP / Editor = Ian Perlman

レフト・バンクやエミット・ローズ、ポウジーズをも彷彿とさせるブルックリンのジャングリィ・パワーポップ・トリオ。先月Captured Tracksからリリースされたデビュー・アルバム『Calling Out』はウッズのジャーヴィスがプロデュース。

“It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say that EZTV met while trying out for J. Spaceman’s latest US touring line-up of Spiritualized, but it’s not far from the truth. Songwriter and audio engineer Ezra Tenenbaum had been casually working on solo home recordings on his Tascam 8-Track in the vein of Shoes, Emitt Rhodes and Cleaners From Venus, and, in a desire to round out the songs, he enlisted bassist Shane O’Connell and drummer Michael Stasiak (formerly of Widowspeak). As it happened, the trio’s first chance to play together was an audition for the American touring version of Spiritualized (they didn’t get the job). But, the trio kept meeting and working, turning Ezra recording as a solo artist into Ezra, Shane and Michael playing as a band; thus, EZTV was formed.” –Captured Tracks

Brooklyn three-piece, EZTV’s full-length debut “Calling Out” (produced by Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere) is available via Captured Tracks.