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“Into The Wild” EP by yumbo, originally released as a bonus CD-R for “That’s Reality” album.

R. Stevie Moore with LAKE
at the Eagle’s Hall in Olympia, Washington

LAKE has released their new album, “Circular Doorway” on Bandcamp and also their another new album “The World Is Real” will be coming on K records in the end of summer.
国内盤は”The World Is Real”と”Circular Doorway”、2枚の新作カップリング日本限定盤で、7e.p.より9/11にリリースされますヨ。詳しくはコチラで。

taken from the “Fukt!” album (released 21 November 2008 ), available on R. Stevie Moore’s bandcamp.

Julie Doiron – By The Lake (from “So Many Days”)

7e.p. presents
JULIE DOIRON Japan Tour 2013

3/14(木)渋谷 O-NEST
3/15(金)松本 salon as salon
3/16(土)金沢 collabon
3/17(日)神戸 旧グッゲンハイム邸
3/19(火)京都 UrBANGUILD
3/20(水/祝)名古屋 K.D JAPON
3/21(木)鎌倉 カフェ・ゴーティー
3/22(金)渋谷 O-NES



Débarrassée et Décomplexée: Geneviève Castrée Exhibitions

Débarrassée 解除

時間:10:00am~9:00pm at Presspop Gallery
同時開催TCAF Presents “Canada Comic Arts”展

Décomplexée 奔放
目白・ブックギャラリー ポポタム




Geneviève Castrée
(Drawn & Quarterly, 2012)

officially available in October 30th. 

Night People #14: yumbo – 人々の傘 / Hitobito No Kasa
April 28, 2012 at はるでら, Ryoden-ji, Machida,
a film by Shuhei Hatano

yumbo are;
澁谷浩次・Koji Shibuya (piano/vocal/etc.) 
山路知恵子・Chieko Yamaji (drums/etc.) 
工藤夏海・Natumi Kudo (french horn/fluegelhorn/etc.) 
朝倉美幸・Miyuki Asakura (guitar/bass/etc.) 
高柳あゆ子・Ayuko Takayanagi (vocal/etc.) 
大月俊二・Shunji Ohtsuki (trumpet/guitar/bass/etc.)


Calvin Johnson has been well known as the co-founder, owner of K Records in Olympia, Washington since 1982, and the formerly member of the bands Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team, The Halo Benders and Dub Narcotic Sound System. The Hive Dwellers is his most recent band that he’s been playing for about three years now and currently the band comprises of Gabriel Will, Evan Hashi and Calvin Johnson. The forthcoming Hive Dwellers album “Hewn from the Wilderness,” recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, is due out on June 12th via K / May 16th via 7e.p. (Japan).

The Hive Dwellers – “Tell-Tale Heart”
Recorded March 20th, 2012 during a practice session at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, Washington, USA. Gabriel Will on bass, Evan Hashi on drums, & Calvin Johnson on guitar & voice.

Little Wings aka Kyle Field

“7e.p. 10 Years Anniversary Tour Vol. 1″
764-hero & moools Japan Tour 2012

3/12(月)渋谷 O-NEST
3/13(火)松本 ALECX
3/14(水)京都 UrBANGUILD
3/15(木)名古屋 得三
3/16(金)渋谷 O-NEST

“7e.p. 10 Years Anniversary Tour Vol. 2″
Little Wings Japan Tour 2012

3/30(金)渋谷 7th FLOOR
3/31(土)名古屋 K.D JAPON
4/01(日)京都 UrBANGUILD
4/03(火)鎌倉 カフェ・ゴーティー
4/04(水)松本 hair salon群青
4/05(木)渋谷 O-NEST

Further Information: 7e.p.

Kyle Field/Little Wings Documentary

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