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taken from their upcoming debut full-length “Pacific Surf Line” 
(Expected Release: Oct 16, 2015, via Alive Records)
cover art : William Stout… (ライノ・レコーズのあのロゴも彼の作!)

GospelbeacH is Tom Sanford (drums), Brent Rademaker (vocals, guitar), Jason Soda (vocals, guitar), Neal Casal (vocals, guitar), and Kip Boardman (vocals, bass), with guest appearance by Nelson Bragg (vocal harmonies).

The five members of GospelbeacH possess a prestigious collective resume that includes membership in Beachwood Sparks, Further, The Tyde, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Everest. But one listen to the quintet’s warmly wonderful debut album Pacific Surf Line will instantly dispel any preconceptions about supergroup self-indulgence or side-project slumming.

Outrageous Cherry – Fell
Outrageous Cherry – Un-American Girls

Both tracks are taken from Outrageous Cherry‘s forthcoming full length “Seemingly Solid Reality” (CD/LP on a red vinyl limited edition), available on June 1st via Alive Records.  Recently the New Pornographers has released a special bonus 7″ entitled  “Togetherness -The New Pornographers play Outrageous Cherry.”  The band consists of main man, Matthew Smith (guitar, vocals) who produced albums for the Go, Nathaniel Mayer, Paul “Wine” Jones, and others, and has played with Epic Soundtracks, Andre Williams, the Witches, and Destroy All Monsters, also known for the Volebeats, Larry Ray (lead guitar) who was a member of 70’s Detroit rockers the Ivories, and played with legendary psych/folk guitarist Ted Lucas (Spike Drivers/Misty Wizards), Sean Ellwood (bass/the Cyril Lords, Reptile Forcefield), Samantha Linn (drums/Little Claw, the Arch Mystics).

Outrageous Cherry emerged from Detroit’s underground scene of the early 90′s, and quickly advanced from playing Troggs, Stooges and Monkees covers in the basement to becoming a prolific and enigmatic rock n’ roll group with no cymbals, sometimes elaborate studio production, an inclination towards playing really long guitar solos, and Dylanesque amounts of lyrics. 


Trainwreck Riders – Chug Along  (via Pirate!)

‘Trainwreck Riders’ is taken from San Francisco quartet, Trainwreck Riders‘ third album “The Perch” the follow-up to their 2006 debut, “Lonely Road Revival” (Alive Records).