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Beachwood Sparks – Forget The Song (from “The Tarnished Gold”)

Beachwood Sparks – Sparks Fly Again (from “The Tarnished Gold”)

Beachwood Sparks – Confusion Is Nothing New
taken from the second album “Once We Were Trees”
(Sup Pop, 2001)

Beachwood Sparks – Drinkswater
taken from the 6-song EP “Make the Robot Cowboys Cry”
(Sub Pop, 2002)

Beachwood Sparks return with “The Tarnished Gold,” their first new album in 11 years, due out on June 25th via Sub Pop.

“The Tarnished Gold” is the work of the classic Beachwood Sparks lineup: singer/guitarist Chris Gunst, singer/bassist Brent Rademaker, singer/multi-instrumentalist Farmer Dave Scher, and drummer Aaron Sperske, with invaluable support from guitarist and longtime friend Ben Knight (The Tyde). For the sessions, the band expanded to seven pieces, with guitarists Knight and Neal Casal, with Dan Horne on pedal steel in place of Scher, who opted to play organ, key, flying V guitar and electrified melodica. Also lending a hand were Gunst’s wife Jen Cohen, Sparks’ very first drummer Jimi Hey, Brent’s brother Darren (leader of The Tyde) and L.A. indie-rock maestro Ariel Pink. Once We Were Trees producer Thom Monahan returned to his familiar spot behind the console. (Sub Pop)

from BURGER RECORDS SAMPLER, released 05 July 2011 /
‘All My Bastard Children’ was originally appeared on The Tyde debut album “Once” (The Track & Field Organisation, 2001). Burger Records will re-issue The Summer Hits (feat. Darren Radermaker) compilation album “Beaches and Canyons 1992-96″ (X-mas Records, 1997) and The Tyde’s “Once.”

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti with R. Stevie Moore – Bright Lit Blue Skies

From night two of the R. Stevie Moore & A.p.’s H.g at Make-Out Room, 8/29/11, it was a part of the first-ever world tour, R. Stevie Moore + Tropical Ooze World Tour 2011. Recorded by OutofFocus.TV.

Dutch Me ~ Ariel Pink R. Stevie Moore by rstvmo11

rough mix tk. 1,
recorded by Jason Falkner at Rhetoric, L.A. CA 8-25-11 for the album “Ku Klux Glam” / all instruments RSM except casioprog AP, flybird guitar JF / vox by AP RSM JF + Carmen Clark / co-composed by APRSM

R. Stevie Moore “Hobbies Galore” (Lostfrog 2005)
Re-compiled from “Hobbies Galore – His Best Twenty Four” CDR. 2003

R. Stevie Moore – Hobbies Galore  (via Lost Frog)

Ariel Pink – Hobbies Galore  (via rstvmo11)
    Recorded by Ariel Pink, L.A. 2001

Aaron Roche – Hobbies Galore (Cult Version)  (via rstvmo11)
    Recorded by Aaron Roche, Brooklyn NY, August 2011

Holy Shit – Bermuda

Holy Shit is Matt Fishbeck’s (formerly of The Push Kings) band, and Ariel Pink from Haunted Graffiti and Christopher Owens from Girls used to be in his band.  ‘Bermuda’ is taken from the forthcoming collection album “Bad Habitat,” containing 20 songs mostly recorded with Ariel Pink during the past five years.  It’s an archival trove of ‘HOME’ recordings. Vinyl due in February, CD in March or April via Porous Records (limited edition). Pre-order, here.  Also brand new full-length album “Omen Games” will be coming soon.

Holy Shit – Rough & Tumble

Taken from ‘Rough & Tumble‘ b/w ‘Priest Fucks Nun In The No-No’ 7″ single, available via Porous Records.

Holy Shit – A Place in the Sun (Marine Girls Cover)

Taken from Holy Shit’s MIXTAPE, “SPF NOIR” for the VICE Magazine.

Holy Shit – Written All Over Your Face
Holy Shit – Maus is Missing

Both tracks are taken from Holy Shit’s (Matt Fishbeck and Ariel Pink) 2006 first album “Stranded at Two Harbors,” which will be re-issued on vinyl for the first time this Spring via Gloriette Records.

Ariel Pink vs. R. Stevie Moore, Tonic ’05 5/5
Live modern performance art, “Improvisatione #5″ (R Real Guitare),
Tonic NYC, 15 April 2005, Part 5 of 5. With John Maus and Gary War.
Filmed by Krys_O. Also in the ripping stage: APRSM Tonic 11/04.

R. Stevie Moore – Answers
official music video for R. Stevie Moore.
directed/produced by: adriana alba / cinematography/camera: dan sharnoff
co-producer: josh allen / location: ny & nj, usa  © 2010

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti – Round and Round (via We All Want Someone To Shout For)

‘Round and Round’ is taken from Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti‘s first single release via 4AD (out on April 26th, flip-side is ‘Mistaken Wedding,” Limited), for their next forthcoming full-length album. The band features keyboardist Kenny Gilmore (Lilys), bassist Tim Koh (White Magic, All Night Radio), drummer Aaron Sperske (Beachwood Sparks, Lilys), and guitarist Cole M. Greif-Neill (The Samps).

“Get Out” b/w “Run” 7″
Minneapolis sextet, Velvet Davenport’s new 7″single 

(March 30 release on Shdwply Records)
Recorded in LA with Ariel Pink and Gary War on an 8-track.

Velvet Davenport – Get Out    (via the rathaus