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DOUG SAHM – A Many Moods Tribute

The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn” hosted by Ben Vaughn himself, is available as a podcast on iTunes: HERE!

Stream “The Many Moods Of Ben Vaughn Christmas Party” on PRX, HERE.

Crunch Dance + Hey Romeo + Ben Vaughn
Sung by the author, Ben Vaughn.

ベン・ヴォーン、イタリアで瓢箪から駒ヒット? フィットネスで人気沸騰? アイスのCMにまで ….。

Ben Vaughn‘s song “Hey Romeo” featured in hilarious Italian Maxibon Ice Cream commercial.

All of Ben Vaughn’s Greatest Songs!

Here’s a brand new group of Ben Vaughn,
Modern Skiffle Quartet

MSQ are Dan Janisch (vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonica), Ben Vaughn (vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonica), Lucas Cheadle (upright bass), Kevin Jarvis (drums).