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The third in a series of recording projects stemming from the Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives, “Rawhead & Bloodybones” (2015) by Brian Harnetty combines samples of music and folk tales with live instruments. The historic archival recordings of children recounting folk tales were made by Leonard Roberts in the 1940s and 50s. 

Two CDs packaged in 6-panel foldout case
Publication Date: November 20, 2015 via Dust-to-Digital

The Mug and Brush Sessions

Brian Harnetty – Marshall (From the Sun Ra Archives) 
performing music from his 2013 release, The Star-Faced One.

Taken from the album “The Star-Faced One,” via Atavistic records (2013). Samples from the Sun Ra/El Saturn collection at the Creative Audio Archive at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. Additional musicians include Fred Lonberg-Holm (Cello), Jeff Kimmel (Bass Clarinet), and Aaron Butler (Vibes).

Taken from 7” single, entitled “The Sociophonic Key” (2012) 

“Despite the variety of samples used many subtle relationships are heard––both literal and fantastic––from Sun Ra rehearsing a group of children fading into an answering machine, to the intensity of a gospel preacher alongside the Arkestra’s invitation to join them in outer space.”

an excerpt from the “star-faced one” sound installation, 2010.

The Star-Faced One, the 6-channel sound installation based on Brian Harnetty’s research into the Sun Ra/El Saturn collection at Creative Audio Archive in Chicago, was a 60 minute loop that ran nonstop at the Audible Gallery at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago from November 12 to December 19, 2010. An edited version of the installation will be released in October, 2012 via Atavistic Records.

VISIT Scioto Records‘ Kickstarter page for a 7″ single of Star-Faced One material (three non-album tracks), HERE.

Brian Harnetty is a musician and artist from Ohio, and his work involves overlooked elements of sound. Many of his pieces transform found material––including field recordings, transcriptions, and historic recordings––into personal sound worlds. For the past several years, this has led to a focus on projects with specific archives, including the Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives in Kentucky, and the Sun Ra/El Saturn Creative Audio Archive in Chicago. His music and installations have been performed and shown in America and Europe. Recordings are available on Atavistic Records, Ruminance (Europe), and Scioto Records.

Brian Harnetty and Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Some Glad Day
from Harnetty’s current release, “Silent City“. Shot in Ohio and Kentucky. Released by Atavistic Records (ALP190CD), and RuminanCe Records in Europe (RUM041).