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photo by Samuel Dixon

“Oh hello, hello to reach and one of all my children!
My title is Gr-r-r-andma for all these who’s wonder in slumber and still grin!
Follow me to the plunderfull town of Piddletractor, where we will search for my naughty little nephew, Alewishus, the clown prince of Piddletractor! “

Grandma Sparrow & his Piddletractor Orchestra is a psychedelic children’s song-cycle for adults that reveals Joe Westerlund’s fascination with collage, improvisation, humor, and the convergence of atonal and popular melodies. It’s the kind of project that is rarely dreamed up these days, rarer still to be executed with such skill, bravado and glee (complete with an amateur youth choir). An over-the-top, richly realized musical vision from an over-the-top musical visionary, Westerlund (Megafaun, Gayngs, Califone) takes the listener on a wild ride of audio collage, drifts of radio static, and orchestrated grooves–the Beach Boys and Charles Ives wandering through Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. It’s another bold production from Spacebomb Records, ever dedicated to the redefinition of what a record can be in the 21st century.”

Grandma Sparrow & his Piddletractor Orchestra,” recorded at the new Spacebomb Studios formerly known as the Songwire Studios in Richmond, VA.  Out on May 20th via Spacebomb Records, Pre-order, HERE.

RIYL: Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall… The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band!!

“大人たちのための、サイケデリックなチルドレンズ・ソングサイクル” だそうデス。グランマ・スパロウことジョー・ウェスターランドのソロ・プロジェクトのデビュー・アルバムがマシュウ・E. ホワイトのレーベル、スペースボムから近々登場します! ジョー・ウェスターランドは、先だってミニマリスト・コンポーザーのArnold Dreyblattとのコラボレイション・アルバムを出したメガフォーンのカナメの人、またベニントン・カレッジでアンソニー・コールマンやミルフォード・グレイヴスを学び音楽学位を取得したというコンポーザーでもあり、そしてジャスティン・バーノンやマシュウ・E. ホワイトたちと共演したアラン・ローマックス再解釈企画 “Sounds of the South” のコ・プロデューサーでもありましたが、そんな繋がりからか、マシュウ・E. ホワイトからのアプローチがあり、彼のレーベルからのソロ・アルバムが実現したとの由。モンティ・パイソンのユーモア=ボンゾ・ドッグのオモシロサを彷彿とさせるようなところもありますよ。

Grandma Sparrow & his Piddletractor Orchestra Album Teaser

From Chicago, IL, Billy Blake & the Vagabonds is, words by William Blake interpretated into song by the Vagabonds (Kennedy Greenrod, Reid Coker, Saleem Dhamee, Jason Labrosse & Seth Vanek).

Released 14 February 2013
Produced by Jim Becker (Califone) and Jim Becker & The Vagabonds.

Billy Blake and the Vagabonds Bandcamp, HERE.

Iron & Wine – Tree by the River
from the album “Kiss Each Other Clean”

Directed by Tim Rutili (Califone) / Director of Photography – Kevin Ford
Super 8 Photography – Jared Varava, Tim Rutili, Paula Killen
Edit – Tim Rutili, Kevin Ford /  Actors – Jennifer Daley, Benjamin Hasko

Watch more from better angel films, music by Califone.

Scott Tuma – Red Rose For Me

Scott Tuma – Hope Jones (Jason’s Song)

Both tracks are taken from Scott Tuma’s latest full length “Dandelion” (Digitalis Industries / Limited Vinyl edition, still available at here / Artwork: Chris Koelle).  Scott Tuma is best known as the former member of Chicago’s Souled American in the late 1980′s and early 1990′s, then his solo works and Boxhead Ensemble, also collaboration with Matt Christensen and Mike Weis of Zelienople, Good Stuff House.

WATCH :: Scott Tuma, May 7th, 2010 at Enemy in Chicago (via Acid Marsh Mallow)

Strobe Session #6
Jim Becker and Joe Adamik (Califone), Emmett Kelly (Cairo Gang, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) and Scott Tuma perform at Strobe Session #6 on August 18th, 2008. This was recorded in front of a live audience.

Califone – Giving Away The Bride

Video for “Giving Away The Bride” by Califone from their Dead Oceans release, All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. Video directed by Amy E. Cargill.

Sharon Van Etten – Love More
Sharon Van Etten – Save Yourself (demo)

Brooklyn’s singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten has announced the release of her second full-length “Epic,” is due out October 5th via Ba Da Bing Records.  It was recorded at Philly’s Miner Street Studios and features Meg Baird (Espers), Cat Martino and Jessica Larrabee (She Keeps Bees). 

Sharon Van Etten – I Couldn’t Save You
Califone – Ro (feat. Orso)
Sam Amidon – Cabin in the Corner

Also, ‘ I Couldn’t Save you’ is an original song for Jagjaguwar’s first feature film release “The Builder” DVD which is due out on July 27th via Jagjaguwar. And Califone and Sam Amidon’s tracks above are taken from a collection of songs “Music For The Builder,” on the Jagjaguwar’s web site, it features new, unreleased and demoed songs for the film.  Amidon’s ‘Cabin in the Corner,’ a rendition of an Irish traditional that features the brother of The Builder’s Colm O’Leary, Eamon, on bozouki and backing vocals and Califone‘s song features Orso.  Califone’s film “All My Friends Are Funeral Singers,” official selection of SXSW and SUNDANCE 2010 is now available on DVD.

The Builder is the first full-length feature directed by R. Alverson, a carpenter and musician from Richmond, VA. It features music by Bon Iver, Gregor Samsa, Pan American, Robert Donne and Spokane (Alverson and co-producer Courtney Bowles’ band, who have released 5 records on Jagjaguwar since 1999). Alverson’s second feature, New Jerusalem, starring Will Oldham (Bonnie “Prince” Billy) and The Builder’s Colm O’Leary, was completed in late winter of 2010.

Trailer for The Builder by R. Alverson

Starring: Angela Bettis & Califone
Written and Directed by: Tim Rutili
Interview and clip