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01 Calvin Love – Chin Chin by ArbutusRecords

Sean Nicholas Savage is a magnetic character. As an integral part of the upcoming Montreal music scene, and an inspiration to many, several artists eagerly accepted the challenge to cover his songs; in celebration of his past work, but also for the promise of what’s still to come.
17 of Savage’s songs – ranging from anthems to obscure gems – are anthologized on this release. As the first act ever to release on Arbutus, a community has developed surrounding Savage, his songwriting, charisma and his social philosophies. 

It is a true honour to present such a mix of genre and creative thought – and this is what’s captivating about the compilation. A group of artists brought together not by genre but by circumstance: a shared home, one which Savage represents as a primary character in the Canadian music scene.”Arbutus Records

06 Eola – Someone’s Got A Secret by ArbutusRecords

02 Mac DeMarco – Bye Bye Bye by ArbutusRecords

the song is taken from “Flamingo”

Calvin Love started a punk band in the northern Canadian city of Edmonton at the age of thirteen. After the early years, he left town and has been on the road for the last five years touring dive bars and clubs throughout the US, playing in various bands in and out of Los Angeles. “New Radar” is his debut release via Aquarium Drunkard’s label, Autumn Tone Records.

released 06 November 2012

“Calvin’s interests lie in photography, aesthetics, the paranormal, technological adaptations, pirates, zombie apocalypse, Jarmusch, strange states, dancing girls, sleepless nights, D.I.Y., Iggy, Bowie, tombs, hitchhiking, black & white, and the space-time continuum…” –Autumn Tone Records

Calvin Love – Magic Hearts