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Andy Shauf – I’m Not Falling Asleep
The song is taken from the Andy Shauf 2012 album “The Bearer of Bad News,” coming on February 3rd in US via Tender Loving Empire / Party Damage.  Edited by Mike Dubue. Footage culled from various Saskatchewan Archives Board-produced films 1920-22.

本国カナダでは2012年にリリースされた2作目のフルレングス『The Bearer of Bad News 』のUS盤がポートランドからもうすぐ。ジョアンナ・ニューサム来日時のベアフット・ドラマー、Neal MorganやDragging an Ox through Waterのアルバムも出しているParty Damage、そしてTender Loving Empireとの、どちらもポートランドのレーベルからのコ・リリースです。

Four songs about Sam Jones.
released 20 March 2012

Both tracks are taken from the a cassingle on Bad Actors / Burger Records, Nov 17, 2014.  Michael Rault is a Toronto-via-Edmonton singer, guitarist and songwriter fronting his own eponymously named band.  His latest EP “Living Daylight” (2014, Pirates Blend Records), produced and recorded in collaboration with Renny Wilson (Mint Records), will be released from Burger Records in 2015. 

マック・デマルコやショーン・ニコラス・サヴェージと同じくエドモントンから現れ、現在はトロント・ベースに活動するマルチ・インストゥルメンタリスト / ソングライター・パフォーマー、ミシェル・ローの米Burger Recordsから(本国ではU.S. GirlsやHomeshake、Yacht ClubをリリースするBad Actorsから)のカセットシングル。2014年のEP『Living Daylight』も今年Burger Recordsからリリース予定との由。

Michael Rault – I Want To Love You

Michael Rault covers The Staple Singers
from Whirlpool, released 31 July 2012
Produced by Michael Rault

01 Calvin Love – Chin Chin by ArbutusRecords

Sean Nicholas Savage is a magnetic character. As an integral part of the upcoming Montreal music scene, and an inspiration to many, several artists eagerly accepted the challenge to cover his songs; in celebration of his past work, but also for the promise of what’s still to come.
17 of Savage’s songs – ranging from anthems to obscure gems – are anthologized on this release. As the first act ever to release on Arbutus, a community has developed surrounding Savage, his songwriting, charisma and his social philosophies. 

It is a true honour to present such a mix of genre and creative thought – and this is what’s captivating about the compilation. A group of artists brought together not by genre but by circumstance: a shared home, one which Savage represents as a primary character in the Canadian music scene.”Arbutus Records

06 Eola – Someone’s Got A Secret by ArbutusRecords

02 Mac DeMarco – Bye Bye Bye by ArbutusRecords

the song is taken from “Flamingo”

“Sounds like those early Rough Trade/Postcard Records singles. Haunting baritone vocals, hypnotic bass lines, and guitar experimentation. For fans of Joseph K, Wire, and Joy Division. Also check out the Funs ( pre-Freak Heat Waves) for more of a strung-out VU feel.”

from “Freak Heat Waves,” released 12 September 2012
album art by Julije Knifer 

Freak Heat Waves are the art, ambient, krautrock, post-punk influenced three-piece band from Victoria, BC, the band comprises of Steve Lind, Thomas Di Ninno and James Twiddy. Their self-titled first full-length which was recorded / produced in summer 2011 with the late Christopher Reimer (a founding member and guitarist of Calgary band Women) has been available on their bandcamp.

from “Freak Heat Waves,” released 12 September 2012

Freak Heat Waves – “3 7 4″ aka “Instructing”
Live in studio November 12th, 2011.
CFUV Basement Closet Sessions

Released 01 February 2010
Recorded and Produced By Arran Fisher
All Songs By Thomas Di Ninno

Released 13 August 2012
All tracks recorded and mixed by Chris Reimer. All artwork by Chris Reimer. Design by Marc Rimmer and Rena Kozak. Mastered by Chad VanGaalen. 

R.I.P. Christopher Reimer (1986-2012)

Singer Songwriter by aidanknight

Aidan Knight is a Victoria-based songwriter and namesake for Canadian experimental folk band, Aidan Knight, the band comprises of his collaborators, Julia Wakal, Colin Nealis, David Barry and Olivier Clements. “Small Reveal” (released 23 October 2012) is the second full-length is available on his bandcamp, and iTunes.

Brave Radar – A Spike

The Haiduks – A Tide Through the Flames

From the underground Montreal scene, Hobo Cult & Kinnta Records has co-released a psych pop compilation tape “The Lemon Tape” which was curated by the label founder Christian Richer at Kinnta Studio during the fall of 2011 in Verdun, QC, Canada. Download/Stream the album in its entirety on their bandcamp and Order cassette, HERE.

“This cassette features 32 minutes of pure acid splash bubblegum sunshine from the underground Montreal scene. You have everything from Floyd inspired drug trips to surf pop rainbows… from the eternal deserts of your third eye to the tropical lounges of your soul. A vintage journey through a crate digger’s imaginary collection.” — Kinnta Records

The Yesteryears – Never my Love

Einar Leiknes – Hvordan

Montréal, Québec resident Christian Richer, the man behind Élément Kuuda, The Haiduks, Cavernes, U Made Ship, Spacekom and many more, is an ambient sound artist. He has released his recordings from various labels including Hobo Cult, Digitalis, Sacred Phrases, Sul Pont and Magnanimous.

Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber

Constructive Abandonment,
published by Drawn & Quarterly

Online exclusive interview
on The Believer magazine, HERE.

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