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EZTV – Dust in the Sky (Official Music Video)
Director / DoP / Editor = Ian Perlman

レフト・バンクやエミット・ローズ、ポウジーズをも彷彿とさせるブルックリンのジャングリィ・パワーポップ・トリオ。先月Captured Tracksからリリースされたデビュー・アルバム『Calling Out』はウッズのジャーヴィスがプロデュース。

“It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say that EZTV met while trying out for J. Spaceman’s latest US touring line-up of Spiritualized, but it’s not far from the truth. Songwriter and audio engineer Ezra Tenenbaum had been casually working on solo home recordings on his Tascam 8-Track in the vein of Shoes, Emitt Rhodes and Cleaners From Venus, and, in a desire to round out the songs, he enlisted bassist Shane O’Connell and drummer Michael Stasiak (formerly of Widowspeak). As it happened, the trio’s first chance to play together was an audition for the American touring version of Spiritualized (they didn’t get the job). But, the trio kept meeting and working, turning Ezra recording as a solo artist into Ezra, Shane and Michael playing as a band; thus, EZTV was formed.” –Captured Tracks

Brooklyn three-piece, EZTV’s full-length debut “Calling Out” (produced by Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere) is available via Captured Tracks.

Listen To ‘The Onion,’ taken from the upcoming re-issue LP Philip Perkins’ “Drive Time,” out on November 12th via Body Double Ltd., a new Captured Tracks imprint operated by Corey Cunningham (Terry Malts) and Matt Kallman (GIRLS).

Philip Perkins (b. 1951) studied art and motion graphics with Robert Mullen and David Foster (Univ. of the Pacific and Univ. of Oregon) and was mentored by “Blue” Gene Tyranny in music composition and performance. He played in many rock, country and experimental bands. He played as a member of The Residents performance ensemble from 1979 – 1984, as well as serving as their cinematographer and lighting designer. “Drive Time” was composed and originally released in 1985 as a series of pieces composed as an alternative to early morning “drive time” AM radio, and targeted at the same audience: commuters.

The Newtown Sessions: Mac DeMarco
Filmed and recorded at Swan7 Studios

Curated for Newtown Radio by Colin Ilgen

Music by: Mac DeMarco (‘Ode to Viceroy’, ‘Freaking Out the Neighborhood’, ‘Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans’, ‘I’m a Man’)

Track List:
01. I’m a Man
02. Me and Jon Hanging on
03. The Stars Keep on Calling My Name
04. Ode to Viceroy
05. Cooking up Something Good
06. Freaking Out the Neighborhood
07. My Kind of Woman
08. Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans
09. She’s Really All I Need
10. Together

Mac DeMarco’s first full-length “Mac DeMarco 2″ is available on Captured Tracks.

“I think I might do a record in the spring with Chris Cohen—Captured Tracks just signed him—and Matt Mondanile, who’s in Real Estate. He does the Ducktails stuff.”  –Mac DeMarco
(via) (via Yuya Shimizu

Chris Cohen – Optimist High,
the song is taken from his first solo full-length “Overgrown Path” LP/CD/MP3 available now on Captured Tracks.

Chris Cohen – Caller No.99
taken from “‘Overgrown Path’” album.

Chris Cohen is a 37-year-old native of Los Angeles currently residing in the farmlands of Vermont. He is the child of a former music business executive and a former Broadway actress. His resumé of prior musical projects is a long one: as a contributing member of The Curtains, Cryptacize, Deerhoof, and Natural Dreamers, he released 10 full-length albums between 2002 and 2008. Along the way, Cohen was also a touring player with White Magic, Cass McCombs, Haunted Graffiti and Danielson, among others, for stints both short and long. All of this has culminated in his first release under his own name, and his first for Captured Tracks, Overgrown Path. –Captured Tracks

The Curtains – Go Lucky
taken from the 4th album “CALAMITY” (Asthmatic Kitty, 2006) by The Curtains founded by Chris Cohen and Trevor Shimizu in San Francisco, California in 2000.

Cryptacize – Cosmic Sing Along
taken from the Cryptacize debut album “Dig That Treasure” (Asthmatic Kitty, 2008), the band was founded by Nedelle Torrisi and Chris Cohen in 2006. Recently Nedelle has formed her new band called Paradise featuring her friend Kenny Gilmore (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti).

Influences :: Robert Wyatt, Cass McCombs, Mayo Thompson, Sun Ra, Terry Adams (‘Rollercoaster Rider’ reminds me of this…), Syd Barrett, and Jerry Garcia

LISTEN more :: Chris Cohen’s VT-Drives mixtape through IMPOSE.

Mac Demarco – She’s Really All I Need

Mac DeMarco – Baby’s Wearin Blue Jeans

Both songs above are taken from the forthcomig debut EP “Rock And Roll Night Club,” due out on March 20th via Captured Tracks.
Now Montreal-based artist Mac Demarco, formerly known as Makeout Videotape, is an weird musical wizard hailing from Edmonton garage.

from “YING YANG,” released 13 December 2010

from “BOSSA YEYE,” released 01 November 2010

from “EYEBALLING,” released 02 November 2010

DIVE performs a New Song at Cakeshop, NYC

Dive – Sometime
taken from the band’s debut 7″ single via Captured Tracks.

DIVE, the new project of Beach Fossils guitarist, Zachary Cole Smith, comprises of Devin Ruben Perez, Andrew Bailey, former Smith Westerns drummer Colby Hewitt and Smith. DIVE’s full-length debut that is scheduled for this summer.

MORE :: Dive – Sometime + Wait + Untitled via Newtown Radio / Swan7 Studio

Dive – Geist
taken from the upcoming Dive 7″ on April 3rd via Captured Tracks.

Beach Fossils – Shallow

‘Shallow’ is taken from the upcoming new 7″ by Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils, due out on February 21st via Captured Tracks. A follow-up to last year’s What a Pleasure EP, they’ve been working on the new full-length, which is due for release in 2012.

Beach Fossils is a Brooklyn-based group, formed in early 2009 by Dustin Payseur. Payseur takes influence from music, poetry, art and philosophers (Don Cherry, Ravi Shankar, Rumi, Lao-Tzu and Jean Cocteau), having an equal and crucial impact on his work. Steady members of the band have actively formed their own groups, guitarist Cole Smith with DIVE and John Peña with Heavenly Beat. Both of which have signed to Captured Tracks.

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