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š! #15 ‘Cats’, November 2013
of the Baltic Comics Anthology
Cover: Edgars Folks (Latvia)

Purchase, HERE.

kuš! is an alternative comics anthology based in Riga publishing short grpahic stories byinternational contributors.

John Broadley


Kyobashi-za No.27 Film Class of 2013
“Suteneko Tora-chan (Abandoned Cat Little Tora)” (1947)
Director:Kenzo Masaoka

京橋映画小劇場 No.27 映画の教室2013
12/13(金) 2:45pm     12/21(土) 3:00pm

Yamaga no Manga
Taiji Yamaga 山鹿泰治 (1892-1970)
taken from Signal:02 via IRA

Exhibition Designing Anarchy



Violent Femmes- Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah
from “Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits” (MCA, 1995)
Violent Femmes :: Gordon Gano, Brian Ritchie, Victor DeLorenzo, and Guy Hoffman(1993–2002


Jet Screamer – Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah
Originally performed by Howard Morris. Jetsons music video featuring ‘Jet Screamer’ from 60′s TV show.


Lint, the new strip cartoon opera project from composer Walter Hus is the ideal way to get to know the greatest cartoon genius of the last twenty years, Chris Ware. The book of the same name sketches the complete life story of a Jordan Wellington Lint (Acme Novelty Library Volume 20), who is remarkable for his wrong choices and missed opportunities. It was the leitmotivs, counterpoints and other musical elements in this ingeniously constructed cartoon that caught the attention of Walter Hus. Together with Angélique Willkie and Spectra Ensemble, he converts this fabulous work into a real cartoon concert.

Walter Hus is artist in residence at Namahn.
(via KVS, Brussels, Belgium)

LINT: the legendary strip ‘lint’ by Chris Ware with music of Walter Hus
2 & 3 March – 20:30 – KVS_Box, Brussel

cymatic theremapy at family
A brief demonstration of cymatic theremapy presented by Ron Regé, Jr. at Family bookstore in Los Angeles.

The Cartoon Utopian (Lonely Gee Jr.: Comic Utopia / Utopia of the comic)
Size: 210 × 162mm  32 pages text book (full color)
Price: 1,050 yen (1,000 yen tax)

Available on Sweet Dream Press

The Mayfair Workshop – “Music House of TOMORROW!”
Animation – Calabash Animation, Voice Talent – Dave O’Donnell, Sound Design – Mark Greenberg (of the Coctails), Music – The Mayfair Workshop, Composers – Ethan Stoller, Dean Jones, Matt Walker, Chris Fuller, Tamar Berk, Jeremy Jacobson

THE MAYFAIR WORKSHOP is a music house located in Chicago, IL. Their composers create music, soundtracks, and scores for TV, radio, movies, games, and wherever else you hear music.
Visit The Mayfair Workshop and their Facebook page!

The Coctails- Whoopsy Daisy (from “The Early Hi-Ball Years” CD) by carrottoprecords

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