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“Patrick Cleary (Silver Phial, The Digs) + Eric “Cashew” Harding (The Prix, Eagle Winged Palace) = EP of Baroque Rock & Roll with a dash of Americana Surrealism”

Both tracks are taken from Los Angeles-based duo, Cleary and Cashew‘s “Husbands Vol. I,” the first entry in a set of forthcoming EPs.  It was recorded with Rob Campanella of The Quarter After (Beachwood Sparks, Brian Jonestown Massacre), and the additional musicians are Scott Bassman, Cheryl Lynn Caddick, Curt Harding, James Arellano, Darryll Brown, Rob Campenella. “Husbands Vol. I” is available digitally via iTunes and is also available on cassette via Wiener/Burger Records.