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photography: Benoit Courti

Portrait of Baby Kitty for the lovely girls of Withers Street.
John Stortz

「猫の引っ掻き傷による左下すみにある血痕はサイン/後に科学者が僕の度を越えた猫の肖像画のコレクションを発見する時、クローン世紀の希望として …..」    ジョン・ストルツ

Holy Fuck – “Red Lights” (Official Video)
Director: Brian Borcherdt & Michael LeBlanc
Production Co.: Slowlover Films

The second video from Holy FuckLatin

Spermwhales – Cat People, featuring Kazoo the cat.
Spermwhales is described as … ambient minimalist, Maryland @Bandcamp

Spermwhales – Dreaming

Cat Playing a Banjo – Cabinet Card 

Frank Fairfield – I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground
(via Nick Rallo/Passion of the Wise)   
MySpace>>   Tompkins Square>>

“Cat with catfish hands,”
a painting by Eric Claridge (Shrimp Boat, The Sea and Cake)

“Not sure what to say about that one except I think the painting title came first, a rarity. I have an art show opening next Thursday so I’ll have some new work up on my website after next week.”  –Cheers!–Eric

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