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Heavens Above! 
1963 British film starring Peter Sellers, Steve Marriot who played Harry Smith’s son Jack, directed by John and Roy Boulting.

Tri-Ergon optical sound recording 1922
Photography | © Walter Ruttmann (via)

“Everything audible in the world becomes material.”
—Walter Ruttman – Weekend

Walter Ruttmann – Lichtspiel: Opus IV (1925)

“Berlin: Symphony of a Great City” (1927)
Walter Ruttmann: 伯林 – 大都会交響楽


“Uwasa no Onna” Theme (1954)
The opening theme from 1954 film “Uwasa no onna・噂の女” (The Woman in the Rumor aka The Crucified Woman, directed by Kenji Mizoguchi・溝口健二, original music by Mayuzumi Toshiro・黛敏郎. Clavioline, musical saw, steel guitar…


a 1959 French film directed by Robert Bresson

a special screening of The Family Jams
“The Family Jams”上映会決定!
2013.01.26.(sat) @SOUP
presented by ユリシーズ&レコキンスタ


The Color Wheel (2011)
written by Carlen Altman and Alex Ross Perry
produced and directed by Alex Ross Perry


The Color Wheel Film annonce

“The Connection” (1961) is the first feature film by Shirley Clarke, based on the play by Jack Gelber.  Milestone Films has re-released “The Connection” in a restored print, and its home DVD will be coming in 2013.

Shirley Clarke’s “The Connection” Trailer

Most of the actors from the original stage production reprised their roles for the film: Warren Finnerty as Leach, Carl Lee as Cowboy, Garry Goodrow as Ernie, Jerome Raphel as Solly, Barbra Winchester as Sister Salvation, and Henry Proach as Harry. All the musicians from the original stage production appeared: Freddie Redd (composer, piano), Jackie McLean (alto sax), Michael Mattos (bass), and Larry Ritchie (drums). Non-original cast members James Anderson and Wlliam Redfield took the roles of Sam and Jim Dunn. The character of Jaybird was cut from the film, that role essentially shifted to an off-screen camera operator, J.J. Burden, voiced by Roscoe Lee Brown.  –wiki

Shirley Clarke
(October 2, 1919 – September 23, 1997)


Shirley Clarke: A Retrospective

WATCH more :: Shirely Clarke Shorts (1953-1982) on ubu com.

The Cool World (1964)
Music by Mal Waldron (composer) The Dizzy Gillespie quintet

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