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Unseen Recordings #014: Lonnie Holley
Filmed at JazzHouse, in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Lonnie Holley is an American visual artist and musician who was born on February 10, 1950 in Birmingham, Alabama.

“Keeping a Record of It” (Dust-to-Digital, 2013) is the follow-up to Lonnie Holley’s debut album, “Just Before Music.” Guest performers include Cole Alexander from the Black Lips, Bradford Cox from Deerhunter, and visual artist Lillian Blades.

“In the early 2000s, Holley’s music caught the attention of Matt Arnett, the son of art collector Bill Arnett, who has been collecting Holley’s art since the 1980s. In 2010, Matt set up an impromptu performance by Holley at his home for Dust-to-Digital founder, Lance Ledbetter. Deeply moved by Holley’s keyboard playing and singing, Ledbetter insisted on getting Holley into a recording studio as soon as possible. The result was the album Just Before Music, which features Holley’s first studio recordings made in 2010 and 2011.”

Girlseeker – Dream (from “1-800-Greed”)

Copenhagen’s very weird synth-pop outfit, Girlseeker‘s “1-800-Greed” LP (originally released 2011 on cassette via Endurance) has a split-release with Underwater Peoples, Big Love, Insula, Release the Bats, Denim Hologram, Silver Ghosts, KRAAK, New Images, Music City, 4:2:2v2. Vinyl-version was mixed and remastered by Peter Peter for the occasion.

RIYL: Ariel Pink, Alan Vega, Joy Division…

Girlseeker – Snake eyes by kraakfestival2012
(from “1-800-Greed”) (via)


Girlseeker @Kraak Festival 2012

Battle Hymn of the Fox Father (from “Mount Modern”) by Dad Rocks!

Dad Rocks! is the solo project of Iceland-born Snævar Njáll Albertsson, a singer/guitarist/trumpet-player in the danish band Mimas. A follow-up to the last year’s debut EP ‘Digital Age,’ “Mount Modern” is his first full-length released by Big Scary Monsters Records (UK), Paper Garden Records (US), Kimi Records (Iceland) and Albertsson’s own label Father Figure Records. The album was produced by Dad Rocks! and Kenn Hedegaard Eskildsen and features Charles Spearin of Broken Social Scene on ‘Weapons. Purchase / stream the album in its entirely on Dad Rocks! bandcamp.

“Mount Modern”

Take Care (from “Mount Modern”) by Dad Rocks!

Dad Rocks! – Mount Modern
The song ‘Mount Modern’ is the intro for the the album ‘Mount Modern.’
Video by Jollan Aurelio (of Heister)

Halasan Bazar – You Will Know

Halasan Bazar is a what is known as a DIY psychedelic folk band originally started in the cosmos but now based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Halasan Bazar is:
Habi Halasan – vocals, guitar, organ, percussion, bass
Mr. Bazar – Lead guitar, vocals
Henry The Rabbit – Drums, Percussion
Dr. Grobbles – Percussion, vocals, Glockenspiel, Melodica
Monseur Monitor – Bass, vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonica

Their latest release, ‘You Will Know’ b/w ‘Reverend Soul’ 7″ vinyl is available on OOAOO Records. Halasan Bazar Soundcloud site is HERE.


Halasan Bazar – Go Out In Joy
Demo for a forthcoming Halasan Bazar debut album, due recorded november 2011.
Video taken from Hans Richter “Rythmus 21″ from 1921.

His Clancyness – How It’s Done In Italy
My Bubba & Mi – How It’s Done In Italy

Danish trio My bubba & Mi and Jonathan Clancy aka His Clancyness (from Ottawa now he lives in northern Italy) just released a free digital download of ‘How it’s done in Italy’ for celebrating the one-year anniversary of Italian label We Were Never Being Boring.  ‘How it’s done in Italy’ is an unreleased song written by My bubba & Mi when they recorded their debut full length “How it’s done in Italy” in Italy, available via Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck (benelux) & We Were Never Being Boring.  His Clancyness’ latest full length cassette “Always Mist” is available now via Mirror Universe Tapes.

His Clancyness – Summer Majestic

Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur – We like snow
Video by Trine Omø / From the album “Queen of Hope.” Released on Quartermain Records, March 2005.

Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur of Denmark was disbanded in 2006.  Now Berlin based Jacob Faurholt started his new project Why Write? and released debut EP via the Canadian based label What A Mess! Records late 2009.  Mixed & mastered by KRAMER (Daniel Johnston, Galaxie 500, Low).  “Saint Wilbur” is Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur’s retrospective free digital EP out now on his bandcamp site.

<a target="_blank" href="" >As The Ship Came In (Drum Version) by Jacob Faurholt</a>

Thanks to heroes of indie music blog.

Slaraffenland‘s and Efterklang‘s mutant-band SlaraffenKLANG, their new free live EP entitled “PRINSER & VIKINGER Live at the Royal Danish Playhouse,” is available via Rumraket for free and holds 5 songs all recorded at January 24th 2010 when SlaraffenKLANG guested the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen.  Download here!

(Artwork by Niklas Antonson) /

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