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Shannon Stephens, a Seattle-based singer/songwriter who started her career playing with Sufjan Stevens in Marzuki and has had her music covered by Bonnie Prince Billy, has just released her third album “Pull It Together” via Asthmatic Kitty

DM Stith – piano & choir

Shannon Stephens – Care of You, from “Pull It Together”

Stephens’ increased confidence also transformed her method of recording for this third release. Where previously she added orchestral players to fill out her songs, this time she took a blues approach to her arrangements. Drawing together a new band of accomplished musicians, she gave them the freedom to explore and create. With Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan, Isobel Campbell) on guitars, James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens, Pedro the Lion) on drums and Steve Moore (Sufjan Stevens, Laura Veirs) on keyboards, Stephens found herself discovering new facets of her own compositions.

Pull It Together is treated with warm, intimate production thanks to the contributions of Grammy winning engineer Kory Kruckenberg (Rose Thomas, Damien Jurado). Kruckenberg’s light approach to mixing preserved the spontaneity and the vintage spark of the band’s 8-track recordings. The album features a collaboration with DM Stith and backing vocals by Galen Disston of Pickwick.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (Will Oldham)- duet vocals


Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – I’ll Be Glad
3/12/09 in Bloomington at the Buskirk
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy covered Stephens’ song ‘I’ll Be Glad’ on his 2008 album “Lie Down In The Light,” the song was originally appeared on her self-titled debut full-length (2000) from Asthmatic Kitty, Re-pressed on 2010.

Inlets – Junk (Paul McCartney cover)
Inlets – Bright Orange Air

This cover recording of Paul McCartney’s song by Inlets is featured on tour-only vinyl in support of his latest album “Inter Arbiter,” with DM Stith & Silje Nes.

Track List: 1. DM Stith – Spirit Ditch (Sparklehorse cover) 2. Inlets – Junk (Paul McCartney cover) 3. Silje Nes – Wide Open b/w 1. Inlets – Spotsylvania 2. DM Stith – Riverbody Chorus 3. DM Stith – Lacuna D

DM Stith‘s upcoming release, “Heavy Ghost Appendices” 2CDs collect last year’s digital trilogy of EPs (“BMB,” “Thanksgiving Moon” and “Braid of Voices”) into a beautifully packaged limited edition double disc set. The EPs were an exercise in exploring the boundaries of the music contained on his 2009 debut album “Heavy Ghost,” revisiting songs, reinterpreting, and displaying some inspiration and influences through covers of other artists. The Remixes helped provide new context and deconstruction of his songs in a way that unearthed the songs’ roles and relationships to one another.  Out May 25th.  (Asthmatic Kitty)

taken from “Braid of Voices” EP
DM Stith – Abraham’s Song (Bibio Remix)
taken from “Thanksgiving Moon” EP
DM Stith – Pigs (feat. Jefferson Street Band)
DM Stith – Thanksgiving Moon (Demo)
taken from rarities via DM Stith website
DM Stith – You’ll Be In The Air (The Microphones cover)

cover art by DM Stith

“Heavy Ghost Appendices” Tracklisting

CD 1
1. Lacuna A
2. BMB (Demo)
3. Easy To Be Around (Diane Cluck Cover)
4. Pigs (featuring Jefferson Street Band)
5. Around The Lion Legs (Slow Dance Version)
6. Lacuna B
7. Thanksgiving Moon (Demo)
8. A Soft Seduction (David Byrne Cover)
9. Suzanne (Randy Newman Cover)
10. Be My Baby (Ronettes Cover)
11. Braid of Voices (Brass Version)
12. I Heart Wig (featuring I Heart Lung)

CD 2
1. In My Dreams, I Watch TV (Braid of Voices Remix by Ensemble)
2. Thanksgiving Moon (Michna Remix)
3. BMB (Roberto C. Lange Remix)
4. BMB (Son Lux Remix)
5. Braid of Voices (Clark Remix)
6. Thanksgiving Moon (Rafter Remix)
7. Abraham’s Song (Bibio Remix)
8. Thanksgiving Moon (Cover by Dayna Kurtz)
9. Lacuna C
10. Pity Dance (Actuel Remix)