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Co-released by Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar.

San Francisco’s trio (Steven Harkins on guitar and vocals, Daniel Rosado on guitar, and Brian Wakefield on bass) Melted Toys’ debut 12″ EP”Washed & Dried” EP is available on Underwater Peoples. Dominant legs, also from San Francisco, the duo (Magic Bullets’ guitarist Ryan Lynch former Cosmos/Future Dominant Legs/Girls and Hannah Hunt) has their first EP “Young at Love and Life” and their forthcoming full-length “Invitation” is due out on September 27th via Lefse Records.

Melted Toys – Rose Again by atelier ciseaux

Dominant Legs – Laughing The Whole Time by atelier ciseaux

from MELTED TOYS / DOMINANT LEGS split 7″, out now, limited to 300 copies.

Dominant Legs – Clawing Out at the Walls
Dominant Legs – Young At Love And Life (demo)

Dominant Legs (of San Francisco) is Ryan Lynch and Hannah Hunt, he is also known as Girls’ guitarist.  The duo’s debut EP “Young at Love and Life” is due out on August 17th via Lefse Records.