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‘Set the Woods on Fire”’ is taken from the forthcoming Earth Girl Helen Brown‘s “MERCURY” EP, due out on April 14th via Empty Cellar Records.

Earth Girl Helen Brown (Heidi Alexander of The Sandwitches) release, MERCURY, featuring The Boogeyman (Emmett Kelly), Sunshine Lady (Sonny Smith), Loro Valiente (Tahlia Harbor), Ziggy Spec (Ty Segall), José Deseo (John Dwyer), L.F.F. (Tim Cohen), Jim Win (James Finch Jr.), the Former Future (Sean Smith), and Jasmine Ivanov (Jamin Barton).

MERCURY is the first in a seasonal series tributing our fellow solar satellites Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Venus, and benefiting organizations committed to popular planetary intelligence, energy management, communicative freedom and love.

Pre-order, HERE!

Track Listing:
01 Fox Trott
02 Earth Elevator
03 Space Travel Is In My Blood
04 Set the Woods on Fire
05 The Other Man
06 Starlight 

WATCH :: Earth Girl Helen Brown at the SF Eagle ( 2/23/2017 pt II)  

Native SF: The She’s – Cherry Red 

released 15 April 2014
Recorded at Different Fur Studios
Produced by Patrick Brown  Engineered by Sean Paulson

そういえば、クリストファー・オーウェンスのソロ・アルバム『Chrissybaby Forever』にもコーラスで参加してました

(cover painting by Deirdre White)

Listen! The latest Sandwitches’ tracks from their forthcoming full-length album “Our Toast”.

Recorded by Kelley Stoltz and mastered by Mikey Young, Our toast, by The Sandwitches, is available on LP/CD/Digital via Empty Cellar Records and Revolver USA. The LP edition is packaged in a deluxe gold-foil stamped jacket featuring artwork by Deirdre White and The Sandwitches. The first pressing will include a limited edition run of 200 LPs in decadent “oxblood” vinyl. Due Out on June 9th.

All songs by The Sandwitches, with James Finch Jr on bass, Nicolas Russo on piano (Dead Prudence), and Rusty Miller on piano (Sleeping Pracitce).

The Sandwitches are Heidi Alexander (Guitar, Vocals), Grace Cooper (Guitar,Vocals) and Roxanne Young (Drums,Vocals).

The Fresh & Onlysのバックアップ・ヴォーカル、ソニー・スミスとのSonny & The Sandwitches、Thee Oh Seesなどなどサンフランシスコのアート・ガレージ・バンド界隈では言わずと知れた粋な姐さんたちデス。録音は大好きなケリー・ストルツ。サンセッツのミュージシャンたちも参加してますが、ラスティ・ミラーといえばJackpot!なつかしいなぁ。

Stream the Cool Ghouls‘ latest track taken from the upcoming full-length album “” It was recorded live to tape by San Francisco’s Sonny Smith (Sonny and the Sunsets) and mixed and mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring).  Available this fall, November 11th on Vinyl and CD via Empty Cellar Records and cassette from Burger Records.  Pre-order, HERE.

RIYL: Sonny and the Sunsets, The Fresh and Onlys….


Empty Cellar has announced the latest single by Bonnie “Prince” Billy and The Cairo Gang, “We Love Our Hole” b/w “I’ll be Alright”.  It was recorded for “SPIRIT OF AKASHA”, a film/soundtrack celebrating 40 years of the classic 1971 Australian surf film “Morning of the Earth.”  Pre-order, HERE.  Released 17 June 2014.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Bad Man,
off his self-titled record.
Video made by Claudia Crobatia

Cool GhoulsGrace,
with a full horn section, the song is taken from their self-titled debut LP via Empty Cellar Records.  Cool Ghouls comprises of Pat Thomas, Ryan Wong, Pat McDonald, Alex Fleshman.


Recent Kevin Earl Taylor‘s cover art under below.
Kevin Taylor’s exhibition INNER WILDERNESS features recent, large-scaled paintings created in his San Francisco studio as Berlin, where he spent four months in a prestigious artist residency.

taken from the latest full-length “River of Souls” by Tim Cohen (The Fresh and Onlys) and his band, Magic Trick, out on December 2nd via Empty Cellar Records.

taken from Nathan Salsburg’s (Alan Lomax Archive) latest full-length “Hard for to Win and Can’t Be Won,” available via No Quarter Records.

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