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My name is Zak Mering, I come from a family of musicians and entertainers. My father was Sumner Mering, and had a band titled Sumner in 1978-1980 and put out an album on Asylum/Elektra. My mother Pamela Mering releases albums, and my sister plays shows and releases music as Weyes Blood. I create music as a solo project under the name Raw Thrills, and used to go by Insted when I lived in Los Angeles which is where I was born and raised. Once I moved to New York I changed my alias to Raw Thrills.
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Zak Mering aka Raw Thrills, is also known as Greatest Hits (current band with Tyler Thacker), The Sweethearts (with Sam Mehran of Outer Limits Recordings) and WARP with James Ferraro.  “SHAKEDOWN” is the Raw Thrills’ debut LP, available now on Japanese label Sixteen Tambourines and “So Post” is a 13 track unreleased bonus (cassette) album including covers of Harry Nilsson and Surf Punks, for the first 50 copies of “Shakedown” LP (or directly from Gunk TV for $10, limited to 15).  Grab more from his new Gunk TV Records.

Raw Thrills – So Post by Raw Thrills

Both ways by Raw Thrills

なんだか ….
Robert Maxwell, His Harp And Orchestra – Song Of The Nairobi Trio (Solfeggio)

Originally released as Robert Maxwell‘s MGM 7″, 1957, vocals: The Ray Charles Singers
WATCH :: Ernie Kovacs’ Nairobi Trio

WIKI: The Nairobi Trio: three gorillas (wearing derby hats and long overcoats) mechanically miming to the music like wind-up toys. In the middle sat the “head gorilla,” always played by Kovacs (with a cigar, of course), conducting with a baton or (sometimes) a banana. To the viewer’s left another gorilla stood, holding two oversized timpani mallets. (The identity of this ape varied, but among Kovacs’ celebrity friends both Jack Lemmon and Frank Sinatra are known to have performed in the skit.) And seated at screen right at a piano was a female simian (often Kovacs’ wife, Edie Adams), robotically thumping up and down on the keys.


Nilsson – Coconut (BBC 1971), Nilsson does Kovacs. (via Bedazzled)

Beatnik (Nicki – Jack Lemmon, plays bongos), Greenwich Village, Flatiron Building (James Stewart embraced Kim Novak on the top of the Flatiron) film “Bell, Book & Candle” (1958).  Directed by Richard Quine, starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs!

music : ‘Cherokee’ from Esquivel’s album “Infinity in Sound Vol. 2″