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“Funny / Not Funny Records is proud to present “The Mystic Fortress Sessions Vol. 1.” This record celebrates the creativity captured at the lair of  VA’s the Magic Twig Community. For the first edition we bring you the pairing of long time friends Eternal Summers and The Super Vacations.”

This limited split 7″ is due out early next month on Funny Not Funny Records, sleeve art by Daniel Cundiff (of The Young Sinclairs / Eternal Summer). Pre-Order Here.

Hailing from Virginia, The Super Vacations is a five piece outfit that is equal parts so-cal garage and 60s influenced psych. The band consists of Rob Ulsh, Ryan Ulsh, Mike Hill, Bladen Day, Ross Guthrie.

Eternal Summers – Pure Affection (Beach Fossils remix)  (via Get Off The Coast)

Martin Courtney IV – Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down
Alex Bleeker and Evan Brody – Motor Away
(via Chocolate Bobka)
Eternal Summers – A Salty Salute
(via GvB)
Pill Wonder – My Valuable Hunting Knife
(via Weekly Tape Deck)
Hallelujah The Hills – Chicken Blows
(via Captains Dead)
No Demons Here – Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks

All tracks above are taken from “Guided By Guided By Voices” Cassette (sold out now) via Wild Animal Kingdom.  Also, another GBV tribute album will be released by No More Fake Labels early in 2011, featuring Flaming Lips, Western Civ and a collaboration from Buffalo Killers and the Breeders’ Kelley Deal.

(Track List)
Invisible Hand – Non-Absorbing
Chromium Bitch – Tractor Rape Chain
No Demons Here – Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks
Martin Courtney IV – Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down
Andrew Cedermark – A Good Flying Bird
Air Waves – Back To The Lake
Big Troubles – A Big Fan of the Pigpen
Alex Bleeker and Evan Brody – Motor Away
Eternal Summers – A Salty Salute
Pill Wonder – My Valuable Hunting Knife
Hallelujah The Hills – Chicken Blows
FZ – I Am A Scientist
Harpoon Forever – Awful Bliss
Citymouth and Chromium Bitch – They’re Not Witches
Fluffy Lumbers – Club Molluska
Dana Jewell – 14 Cheerleader Coldfront 

Eternal Summers – Pogo

Eternal Summers – Dye

‘Pogo’ is the first single from the forthcoming full length “Silver” by Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff (of The Young Sinclairs) of Virginia duo Eternal Summers.  The digital single is due out on August 31st, and the album is due out on September 28th via Kanine.
Single Track List: 1. Pogo 2. Dark Sonic 3. All I’ve Got To Do (Beatles cover)

Roanoke VA’s band The Young Sinclairs’ first vinyl long player, “The Songs of The Young Sinclairs”, is an anthology of their past recordings. Now Athens-based Kindercore Records will release the album, and also their new album will be releasing on Chimney Sweep this summer. Eternal Summers is known as Daniel Cundiff’s other music project. The Young Sinclairs are charter members of The Magic Twig Community (Roanoke’s musical collective, The Mystic Fortress).

“If you dig the Byrds, the dB’s, The Essex Green and other classic jangle psyche, The Young Sinclairs are the group for you! “ (Kidercore Records)

The Young Sinclairs – Darling (via Get Off The Coast)
The Young Sinclairs – Cancelled Flight
The Young Sinclairs – Engineer Man

“Songs of the Young Sinclairs” LP (March 30, 2010 on Kindercore)

from ETERNAL SUMMERS 10″ Limited E.P. (Chimney Sweep)

Eternal Summers – Fall Straight Back (via The Walrus)
Eternal Summer – Able To (via StG)

New song from Reading Rainbow of Philadelphia.

Reading Rainbow – Underground (via knoxroad)

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