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Son of Rams – Tripping Through the Cemetery

Son of Rams – Perfume and Feathers

Both tracks are taken from the latest EP “Luther” by Brooklyn’s Joe Pruitt (also known as a member of Family Trees) aka Son of Rams. It was recorded with his longtime friends, Brett Daniels (of The Clams) from Chicago on bass and a little lead guitar and Aaron Moon (of Pale Cowboy) from Connecticut on drums. Visit Son of Rams’ site and grab this free EP!

Thank you, Joe!

Ryan Trott – Some Days

Ryan Trott – Gentle Girl

Ryan Trott – Vacation Song

These tracks above are taken from the solo EP by Ryan Trott (of Brooklyn's Family Trees).  Self recorded at home, some inspirations were Jonathan Richman, Syd Barrett, Michael Yonkers, John Lennon, Brian Wilson, Nuggets, Amanda Finn, and Daisy Finn Trott.  Mastered by Chris Jennings in Brooklyn, NY.  Family Trees are currently working on new songs for a full length record.

“Spirit Home” is up for free download here.

Jacques Hnizdovsky (American, b. Ukraine, 1915-1985)
Ram, Etching, 1979.

Son of Rams – Triple Eyed

‘Triple Eyed’ is taken from Son of Rams’ new EP “Frolics in the Pink.”  Son of Rams is Joseph Pruitt’s solo project, he is known as a member of Family Trees. You can grab this EP, here.

Official video for Family Trees‘ ‘No One Will Ever Know,’ B side of ‘Dream Talkin’ 7″ available now on father/daughter records.  Brooklyn based Family Trees consists of Ryan Trott, Amanda Finn and Joe Pruitt (Son of Rams).

Son Of Rams’ entire self-titled album is available, here.

Son of Rams – Flying Tigers
Son of Rams – No Concept No Logic

Family Trees – Dream Talkin
Son of Rams – In Kind

Brooklyn’s three-some Family Trees‘ new 7″ single ‘Dream Talkin’ will be out on June 29th via Father/Daughter Records as their very first record.  Family Trees are: Ryan Trott, Amanda Finn, Joe Pruitt (Son of Rams).

DOWNLOAD :: Son of Rams’ whole record here!

Maureen ‘Moe’ Tucker – Will you love me tomorrow?
(via Family Trees’ Blog)

Family Trees – Dream Dream  (via MBV)

Family Trees is a new Brooklyn act, solo project by Hologram‘s Ryan Trott.
FREE DOWNLOAD :: Family Trees’ entire WINDBREAKER album (2009)