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Flannelgraph Records will release Yuuki Matthews‘ 4-track 12″ record “Funny Morning,” a remix of the song by Richard Swift, as well as two instrumental pieces, “Generations” and “Chrysanthemum (Slow)”.  Due out on September 30th.  A former member of Crystal Skulls, Seldom, currently a member of The Shins and Teardrops (with Richard Swift), Yuuki Matthews is a Seattle-based via Hollywood (Burbank), Californian musician. …. also he has been known as a contributor of David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) and Sufjan Stevens. 

1. Funny Morning (LP Version)  2. Generations
1. Funny Morning (Richard Swift Remix) 2. Chrysanthemum (Slow)

現在、ザ・シンズの新メンバーとして(リチャード・スウィフトとのプロジェクト、ティアドロップスも進行中)、そしてスフィアン・スティーヴンスやデイヴィッド・バザンのコントリビューターとしても知られるシアトルのマルチ・インストゥルメンタリスト、ユーキ・マシューズ(ex. Crystal Skulls, Seldom, Pedro the Lion)。下記の音源は2011年のデジタル・リリースした際の「Funny Morning」で、フランネルグラフ・レコーズから9/30にリリースされる12″には、同曲のスウィフト・リミックスを含む新ヴァージョンが収録されて〼。

from Digital Delivery Device, released 07 June 2011

from Asthmatic Kitty’s “Library Catalog Music” series
released 08 December 2009

original version appeared on Wake Owl‘s latest album “The Private World of Paradise” (produced by Richard Swift), this remix was done by Teardrops (Richard Swift and Yuuki Matthews).

from Bazan Monthly: Volume 1 / Number 2 /August 2014
Produced and Mixed by Yuuki Matthews
Guidance and Mastering by TW Walsh, Artwork by R. Swift
“Two new David Bazan songs will be released every month for the next five months.”


“The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten” is the 4th installment in Flannelgraph Records‘ annual benefit compilation, featuring 19 new, original holiday songs by Circuit Des Yeux, Candy Claws, Octagrape, Jonathan Rado (of Foxygen), and many more Flannelgraph superstars and friends of the label.

Released 26 November 2013
Mastered by Eric Day at Sleepwalk Recording
Album cover by Gavin Smith

also from Loren Connors via Flannelgraph Records.

Sister Sister (Meredith & Joel Atkinson) just recorded a beautiful take on the classic Skeeter Davis heart smasher, “The End of the World”!

Thanks to Flannelgraph Records. Available on its bandcamp, HERE. Also… their previous single featuring ‘You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice’ (The Lovin’ Spoonful cover) is available, HERE.

written by Arthur Kent & Sylvia Dee
orginally recorded by Skeeter Davis
released 20 December 2012
recorded by Sister Sister (Meredith & Joel Atkinson), December 2012

“The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten: Volume Three” presented by The Flannelgraph Records, is the collection of new instrumental Christmas music from 34 bands including Loren Connors, Advance Base, DM Stith, Candy Claws, and a host of others. Visit their bandcamp.

As always, this is a benefit album and all of the money raised will be used to buy Christmas gifts for children currently staying with their mothers at Middle Way House, a domestic violence & rape crisis shelter in Bloomington, Indiana.

A Midwestern Tribute To “Forever Breathes The Lonely Word”,
A 1986 Album By Felt is due out on October 30th via
Flannelgraph Records. Stream a track by Vollmar (a.k.a.
Justin Vollmar of Bloomington, IN) from the tribute album.
Pre-order is available on its bandcamp site.

cover art by Gavin Smith

Flannelgraph Records (Bloomington, IN) has released their 2nd annual holiday benefit compilation featuring 23 great bands playing beautiful Christmas instrumentals that they wrote! All the money goes to Stepping Stones, helping out homeless teens. Available now on their bandcamp.

Featuring: Candy Claws, Soporus, Frank Lenz, Dirty Beaches, The Parade Schedule, Funeral Home, Frank Schweikhardt, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Homecomings, Quixod, Whippoorwill, Laura K. Balke, Drekka, Dolorean, New Terrors, Sleeping Bag, Bro. Stephen, Chad Serhal, Wet Blankets, Michael James Tapscott w/ J. Shelley Harrison, Tim Felton Feat. Aaron Burkhart, Burnt Ones, and Via Vegrandis.

Flannelgraph Records from Bloomington, IN have just released Via Vegrandis’ debut digital single, “You Don’t Need To Doubt Yourself b/w Coordinate – No Nukes”.

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