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Taken from the first full-length album of Tredici bassi featuring Ruth Garbus (Feathers, Happy Birthday). The group is the brainchild of Simon Hanes, formerly known as the Guerilla Toss bassist. Available via NNA tapes.


via FMA, Gary Wilson and Tredici Bacci, Live on WFMU with Marty McSorley, 9/23/2016

“Over the last few years, the young musician and composer Simon Hanes has worked tirelessly to channel his deep love and infatuation with 1960’s/1970’s soundtrack music into his own personal vision and homage to the style through dedicated songwriting, and the integration of the totality of his musical influences.”

A summer greeting picture disc from Hangover Lounge.
The Clientele ‘Summer Trail’ / Birdie ‘Spiral Staircase’
Released 21 July 2014

and also..

Ben von Wildenhaus – Week Sixteen: Mount Harissa

Duke Ellington’s “Mount Harissa” with SG, bass, wurlitzer 200a, and Leatherpants playing dualing drum kits ala Party Favorites live recordings. Originally released as “Week Sixteen” on the 2009 podcast Instrumental Quaalude.

Ben von Wildenhaus – Week Three: Very Early

Bill Evans’ “Very Early” with guitars, sine-waves, feedback looping the C pedal bass. Originally released as “Week Three” on the 2009 podcast Instrumental Quaalude.

“Instrumental Quaalude, vol. 1″ (2009) is now featured on Free Music Archive. “Instrumental Quaalude” was an online outlet for the compositional fragments, improvisations, and recording experiments of Ben von Wildenhaus in the three years during which WIldenhaus recorded, mixed, and released “Great Melodies From Around.”
Stream or download, HERE or HERE.

“We’re a transatlantic duo – Jonny Perl and myself – who make glamorous, spooky music. We’re influenced by non-rock popular music from the latter half of the twentieth century, such as soundtracks, exotica and dub, and ‘middle-of-the-road mavericks’ like Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg.”
An excerpt from Bizarre Magazine‘s interview with Robert Conroy (of Misty Roses):

Misty Roses – Villainess

taken from “Villainess” album (Frog Man Jake, 2009)

Misty Roses – Fantastic Voyage (David Bowie cover)

taken from the live sessions on Irene Trudel’s WFMU radio show, 26 October 2009. Robert Conroy performed a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ with his friend Greg Fasolino (of Bell Hollow) on 12-string guitar, they were both in the band Burning Rome back in ’86.

READ more interview ::  
Misty Roses: Wichita Linemen from the Black Lagoon, on Dangerous Minds

A dark, cinematic, transatlantic pop combo, Misty Roses are Jonny Perl (from London, instruments/programming) and Robert Conroy (from New York, voices/words). Misty Roses’ new 7″ vinyl, double A-side ‘Puce Woman (for Kenneth Anger)’ / ‘Queen Cobra (for Jack Smith)’ is out now via UK label, Exotic Pylon Records.

With a nod to the musical past, Misty Roses takes pop melodrama to modern heights. Their combination of electronic textures overlaid with a cinematic sense of musical storytelling reminds you somewhat of 60′s icons like The Zombies and The Association.   -Irene Trudel  (via FMA)


Brett Marren – Bucket Hat

Sore Eros – Far Bell

Amen Dunes – When I Was A Kid

Brooklyn-based label Blackburn Recordings has released a new compilation “Various Deficiencies Volume 2″ for free. It features Sore Eros, Amen Dunes, Wooden Wand, Sacred Harp, Sweet Bulbs, Mountainhood, Kayla Cohen’s Sultan, King Cyst (a recent solo project of Big Troubles’ Luka Usmiani, former No Demons Here), Brett Marren and more. Download from Free Music Archive, and visit their Kickstarter site for a 12″ vinyl pressing.

“Inspector 22 started as the solo-project of TODD WESLEY EMMERT in 1997, initially recording cassettes to trade with friend Clarque Blomquist (WAUMISS, Kingsbury Manx) and an acquaintance named Grux.”

“Friends In High Places” (CD-R/Cassette) is the third release by Inspector 22 (aka Todd Wesley Emmert, residing in Chapel Hill) from Dontrustheruin, available on their etsy shop. “Friends In High Places” (2011) and the other Inspector 22 recordings can be downloaded at the FMA for free.

Photo via Guacamoliest

Primavera Sound 2011 MP3 collection kickoff via FMA
Primavera Sound held its eleventh-annual festival in Barcelona Spain last month, and we are proud to present mp3 highlights from what is truly one of the world’s most incredible live music events.  (WFMU)

Half Japanese – Live at Primavera Sound, May 27th 2011

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