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Here’s a opening track from Cass McCombs‘ forthcoming fifth-and-a-half album “Wit’s End” which is due out on April 12th via Domino.  It took two years for recording in various homes and studios in California, New York, New Jersey and Chicago, and the album was produced by Cass with Ariel Rechtshaid (of Foreign Born).

Cass McCombs – County Line by DominoRecordCo

Big Search – Middle Man

‘Middle Man’ is taken from the new single of Big Search (aka Matt Popieluck who is known as Foreign Born frontman and his collaborations with Fool’s Gold, Papercuts, Glasser and Cass McCombs). This limited-edition 7″ is available now via White Iris.

As the record label counterpart to the musical collective/ recording studio Black Iris, White Iris is headed by Lewis Pesacov, the guitarist/producer behind Foreign Born and Fool’s Gold. 

Big Search – We Know

Big Search – Flyer’s Fall

Both tracks are taken from Matt Popieluch (of Foreign Born, Fool’s Gold and Glaasser) aka Big Search‘s latest release “Lay Of The Land” album, out now on limited copies of vinyl and digital via St. Ives. He’s also known as a sideman of Cass McCombs.

Matt Popieluch, frontman for Secrely Canadian artist Foreign Born, has been making music as Big Search since 1999. After making significant aesthetic breakthroughs in his dorm room at San Francisco State University, he embarked on a four-track recording spree that lasted the remainder of his collegiate experience, resulting in several 90-minute “albums” destined for the vacuum of obscurity. The first official Big Search album Mysticism vs. Classicism was recorded in Popeiluch’s garage in a house he shared with Luke Top (Fool’s Gold) and Jason Quever (Papercuts). This was the very same garage and time period in which Cass McCombs’ A and Papercuts’ Mocking Bird were recorded. In 2004, Popieluch formed Foreign Born with Lewis Pesacov (Fool’s Gold) and moved to Los Angeles, where he played his first true shows at Big Search and Mysticism vs. Classicism saw limited release on Luke Top’s short-lived label Grand Gallop. Hereupon, Lay of the Land began to take shape.

The Henry Clay People – Glory (Television cover)
Foreign Born – Days (Television cover)

Both tracks are taken from the Aquarium Drunkard blog’s annual digital cover compilation “L’Aventure” of Television’s 1978 album, following up to last year’s “RAM On L.A.” compilation.

Track List
01. Glory – The Henry Clay People
02. Days – Foreign Born
03. Foxhole – The Happy Hollows
04. Careful – Local Natives
05. Carried Away – The Deadly Syndrome
06. The Fire – Imaad Wasif (featuring Lykke Li)
07. Ain’t That Nothin’ – Dirt Dress
08. The Dream’s Dream – Growlers

Directed by Adria Petty and shot in a mausoleum at Los Angeles’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Smells of Ethiopian soul …..

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel

Fool’s Gold is a Los Angeles collective that weaves together western pop aesthetics with African rhythms and melodies, and whose members come from American, Israeli, Brazilian, and Argentinean backgrounds.  The group started as a side project of two young LA musicians, vocalist/bassist Luke Top and lead guitarist Lewis Pesacov (Foreign Born), who set out to explore their shared love of various forms of African music (specifically Congolese, Ethiopian, Eritrean and Malian), Krautrock, and 80s dance influenced pop music.  Fool’s Gold’s 2009 self-titled debut full-length has been available on Iamsound Records.

Friends is Luke Top’s first full length album. Luke Top formed The Cave-Ins with fellow SFSU student Matt Popieluch(Foreign Born) in 1998. In July 2001, the band added Jason Quever (who is also in the Papercuts) on organ and harmonies. Luke is also a co-founder of the L.A. based Afro-Hebrew dance band Fool’s Gold.

Luke Top(Fool’s Gold) appears on
・Cave-Ins – Gridfarce by Lamplight (2001)
・Papercuts – Mockinbird (2004)
・Foreign Born – On the Wing Now (2007)
・Cass McCombs – Dropping the Writ (2008)
・Cass McCombs – Catacombs (2009)
・Foreign Born – Person to Person (2009)
Matt Popieluch(Foreign Born/Fool’s Gold) appears on
・Cave-Ins – Gridfarce by Lamplight (2001)
・Papercuts – Mockinbird (2004)
・Cass McCombs – Dropping the Writ (2008)
・Luke Top – Friends (2009)

Lewis Pesacov(Foreign Born/Fool’s Gold) appears on
・We Are Scientists – Brain Thurst Mastery (2008)
・Luke Top – Friends (2009)

Garrett Ray(Foreign Born/Fool’s Gold) appears on
・We Are Scientists – Brain Thurst Mastery (2008)
・Cass McCombs – Dropping the Writ (2008)

Orpheo McCord(Fool’s Gold) appears on
・The Fall – Reformation Post TLC (2007)
・Darker My Love – 2 (2008)
・Cass McCombs – Dropping the Writ (2008)
・Cass McCombs – Catacombs (2009)
・Luke Top – Friends (2009)