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Mikey Hodges a.k.a. Pop Zeus, recently relocated to Portland from New York to live the Gnar life for real. He is also known some time as the drummer of The Memories and as bassist for the unstoppable Gnar bad boy brown band BOOM! (alongside Izak of The Memories and Chris of Guantanamo Baywatch). “Tell Me So” EP is his latest release on limited edition cassette via Gnar Tapes, available NOW.

The Memories – Higher (Live at Boom Bap)

The Memories – Softly

The Memories, a new project by White Fang’s Erik Gage (the founder of Gnar Tapes, Portland-based DIY music & cassette collective) and Kyle Handley, released their debut self-titled LP now from Underwater Peoples Records. The band comprises of Erik, Kyle, Izak Arida (aka Skinny Jesus) of Boom! and Aaron Levy of Meth Teeth. 

Erik Gage – Little Brother   (via)

Erik Gage‘s been known for being a front man of White Fang and other related bands, Feather Headdress, Super Destroy, as well as zine making and his cassette label Gnar Tapes.  ‘Little Brother’ is from “Inner Cosmic” (2009/Unreleased).  Gnar Tapes and his little zine “TOTALLY” are available from here, and Marriage Records.