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”Years of research and obsession have resulted in this, the first collection of recordings by the legendary and masterful Greek folk violinist Alexis Zoumbas. Very few pre-war musicians have tapped deeper into the human soul than Zoumbas and this volume presents his most profoundly hypnotic and unearthly pieces, all recorded in New York City from 1926-1928. A deep set of notes is accompanied by previously unpublished photographs as well as original art-work by R. Crumb. Respectfully crafted by Christopher King and Susan Archie for Angry Mom Records.”

Alex Zoumbas “A Lamnet for Epirus 1926-1928″
A Long Gone Sound Production for Angry Mom Records. AMA-04.
Part of the “How The Other Half Hears” Sound Series.

“Song & Dance From Northern Greece, 1928-1958. Featuring sublime and unhinged music rarely heard outside of Northern Greece and Southern Albania, the performances presented in this collection span the range of plaintive, ancient dirges to hypnotic, droning dance pieces.”

“Five Days Married & Other Laments Song and Dance from Northern Greece 1928-1958″
A Long Gone Sound Production for Angry Mom Records. AMA-03.
Part of the “How The Other Half Hears” Sound Series.

Daniel Padden – Adinatisa O Kaymenos (originally by A. Kostis)

Amen Dunes – Sousta Politiki (originally by Antonis Dalgas)

Rebetika, a truly underground music created at the beginning of the 20th century, was, in its preamble form, the music vehicle to express a culture bumbling under a constantly changing society – a culture based on drugs, haunted by poverty. Unfortunately, in its birth land Greece, Rebetika was transformed through the decades, became soft and gradually deteriorated to a stupid folklore music consumed by the neogreek unmusical masses and tourists alike. For us, early 20s – late 30s Rebetika represents the rawest, purest and yet finest form of Greek folk music ever recorded. We regard this music as lyrically powerful, sentimentally resourceful and musically chaste as the blues.”SOUNDEYET, Greece

Stream the album in its entirety on the Soundeyet bandcamp.

via Ad Hoc…, Damon McMahon a.k.a. Amen Dunes‘ latest (self-released) 7″ single “Ethio Covers” featuring three Ethiopiques tracks culled from unnamed tapes, available, HERE.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Hauntin’ Me

Video by Jamie Harley. Footage from Mikhail Kalatozov’s (ミハイル・カラトーゾフ) Letyat zhuravli AKA The Cranes Are Flying (鶴は翔んでゆく/1957) and Neotpravlennoye Pismo AKA The Unsent Letter (送られなかった手紙/1959).

Keep Shelly in Athens – Song To Cheer You Up

Keep Shelly In Athens‘ (the duo from Athens, Greece) ‘Hauntin’ Me’ b/w ‘Song To Cheer You Up’ 7″ single is out now on Transparent.