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Jad Fair and Norman Blake, Live at Urban Guild, Kyoto
Jad Fair, Norman Blake and Tenniscoats Japan Tour 2013, May 17th,
presented by Sweet Dreams Press

Sweet Dreams Press presents
Jad Fair, Norman Blake and Tenniscoats
Japan Tour 2013


5月10日(金)東京・渋谷 オ・ネスト
5月11日(土)東京・渋谷 オ・ネスト
5月15日(水)松本 MOLE HALL
5月16日(木)名古屋 得三
5月17日(金)京都 アバンギルド
5月18日(土)神戸 旧グッゲンハイム邸

詳細はコチラ、Sweet Dreams Pressで。

Jad Fair & Norman Blake – Red Dress (Café&Pop Torgal)
Jad Fair (Half Japanese) y Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) interpretando “Red Dress” en el Café&Pop Torgal de Ourense (12/05/2012).

Norman Blake & Jad Fair “The story of an artist”
(Daniel Johnston cover, from the album “Don’t Be Scared” in July 1982)

Photo via Guacamoliest

Primavera Sound 2011 MP3 collection kickoff via FMA
Primavera Sound held its eleventh-annual festival in Barcelona Spain last month, and we are proud to present mp3 highlights from what is truly one of the world’s most incredible live music events.  (WFMU)

Half Japanese – Live at Primavera Sound, May 27th 2011

Live WFMU SXSW Showcase (via FMA)
at Spiro’s in Austin, TX on 3/14/2008

David and Jad Fair
Mark Jickling
John Moreman
Rick and John Dreyfuss

Jad Fair “His Name Itself is Music”

Jad Fair‘s new album “His Name Itself is Music” is due out on February 7th via Fire RecordsPrimavera Sound announced that their 2011 Lineup includes Half Japanese among others.

Jad Fair + Tenniscoats Japan Tour 2011

3月5日(土) 東京 渋谷オ・ネスト
3月6日(日) 東京 渋谷オ・ネスト
3月9日(水) 松本 hair salon 群青
3月10日(木) 名古屋 KDハポン
3月11日(金) 大阪 サンスイ
3月12日(土) 神戸 旧グッゲンハイム邸

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Jad Fair joins The Lovely Eggs (from Lancaster, UK) on “Oh The Stars” in Groupee Sessions during SXSW week in Austin (2010).

For complete session, including audio tracks, see here!

Big Red Car – The Lovely Eggs with Jad Fair

Jad Fair joins The Lovely Eggs on “Big Red Car” in Groupee Sessions during SXSW week in Austin (2010).

Groupee Sessions – Recorded at: Cacophy Recorders, Austin TX March 2010
Producer: Ted O’Neill / Video Engineer: April Leone / Sound Engineer: Raymond Richards